Cool Tech Home Improvements for 2020

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Believe it or not, 2019 flew by and while we’re not only about to enter another year but a new decade as well! What does that mean for homeowners who want the latest technology? For starters, solar panels have recovered from a short-term slump and are once again on the cutting edge of residential design. Plus, a few others like home lifts, robotic vacuum cleaners, enhanced surveillance systems and intelligent thermostats are part of the mix. Here’s a general summary of what the upcoming decade holds for people who value the idea of incorporating scientific advances into their lives:

Solar Panels

Just two decades ago, solar energy was still a struggling industry. Today, with recent upgrades to units and lower overall costs, this economic sector is enjoying a renaissance. Ground-based units, more efficient roof panels and even solar shingles are all part of the new world of sun-based power generation. One of the most important breakthroughs in the industry is smarter product production, which translates to lower all-around prices for buyers. That’s huge, because payback periods for a typical panel used to be around 15 years. Now, that period has been slashed to about four years.

Home Lifts

No longer an oddity of the residential real estate scene, home lifts are becoming more common, especially in newer developments. Super cool home lifts add elegance, safety and resale value wherever they’re installed. Take a real estate tour sometime and listen to the crowds as they view an in-home lift. The sound is one of universal approval as people ooh and aah when the lift is described. Some industry experts think home lifts will be the home tech star of the 2020’s.

Robot Vacs

Robotic home-cleaning tech has come a long way in a very short period of time. The next decade will see even more advancements in this retail space as robo-everything lands on store shelves. Consumers went wild after robot vacuums became price competitive and now the more sophisticated versions of cleaning devices are making a debut. Appliances like automated floor polishers, dusters, pest-control units and even window-washers are set to be huge hits from 2020 onward.

All-Around Surveillance Cameras

Here’s another residential tech arena where price reductions have led to widespread consumer acceptance. Just 10 years ago, few could afford all-around camera surveillance in an average abode. Now, for less than the price of a new television you can place a dozen or so high-resolution camera pods around your property and feed the footage into your phone, television or computer.

Smart Thermostats

These inexpensive little gizmos are troopers of the retail segment for homeowners who like to minimize utility bills. The newest iteration of smart thermostats includes learning units that are like AI bots that study your habits and adjust all heating and cooling systems accordingly. When you’re not home, HVAC goes into low mode. When the motion sensor detects your presence, temperature is adjusted based on your usage history. Some studies have predicted that intelligent thermostats have the potential to reduce electricity consumption by as much as 60 percent.

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