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Searching For Putin’s Swedish Friends

A EurasiaNet Partner Post from: Coda Dissatisfied with the mainstream media, Sweden’s old left and alt-right find common ground on Russia. Putin In a mini-warehouse in the Stockholm neighborhood of Skarpnäck, a district with a reputation for outsider politics, is […]

NATO Is Obsolete For The US

NATO Is Obsolete For The US

Donald Trump deeply upset the Europeans when he raised the possibility that NATO is obsolete and that the European Union is failing. But this isn’t the first time these issues have been discussed. I wrote about it last year, and the […]

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After The Trump Triumph

The Trump victory was a “stunning surprise” to Washington and mainstream media.  But it was very much in line with voter distrust in both Clintons and Washington’s ruling class. Politically, Americans are fed up. In cooperation with the Democratic National […]

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Kick Turkey Out Of NATO

Kick Turkey Out Of NATO by Michael Rubin When U.S. officials first approached Turkey about joining NATO, the Turkish government was enthusiastic. Thousands of Turks were fighting alongside American forces in Korea. It was “imperative that democracies work in complete harmony, […]