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Can Government Be Run Like A Business?

Wharton’s Peter Conti-Brown and Philip Joyce of the University of Maryland discuss the idea of government being run as a business. Many political observers have argued for years that the federal government, with its multitrillion-dollar budget, should be run more […]

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Lightning Killed 74 People In India

In India, lightning claimed 74 lives over the past 24 hours, mostly farm laborers working in the fields across northern and eastern India, officials informed the media on Wednesday. Of these, 57 lived in the eastern state of Bihar. Thunderstorms and […]

Google World Order

Google World Order?

Google World Order? Government watchdogs and outside experts have long warned that Google had unprecedented and unfiltered access to the Obama White House, which has been a major beneficiary of Google’s massive campaign coffers. Now, for the first time, two […]