T-Mobile Is Preparing Employees To Sell Against iPhone 5 [REPORT]

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T-Mobile is gearing up for what could be one of their most challenging quarters yet. Apple’s iPhone 5 is rumored to launch in stores on September 21, and reports are already indicating that T-Mobile is preparing their employees to sell against the upcoming iPhone 5.

T-Mobile Is Preparing Employees To Sell Against iPhone 5 [REPORT]
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The report, which comes from TMO News, talks about something called a Grab & Go suite, which is available through their electronic learning system, but it’s also referred to as a game which helps employees improve their sales skills.  This is crucial if they want to make a dent in sales these next quarters.

According to the memo, the new training material will be available on the same date the new iPhone is reportedly available in stores. The sixth generation Apple smartphone is predicted to be officially introduced on September 12.

There is no word on whether T-Mobile knows something we don’t or they’re just taking heed to all the rumors. It still doesn’t look like T-Mobile will be adding the iPhone 5 to their stores. This doesn’t mean that iPhone users can’t enjoy the benefits of being a T-Mobile customer. TMO posted another memo that claims the popular carrier will soon offer Monthly4G MicroSIM kits, which would enable current iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s users to unlock their phones and bring them over to T-Mobile.

I think everyone knows that the iPhone 5 is coming to stores really soon. Companies like T-Mobile, who don’t sell the in-demand smartphone must look for new ways to reach out to their customers and sell phones. This shouldn’t be to hard, especially if you’ve got some quality phones and mobile plans to entice the budget minded customer. I hope that T-Mobile puts their focus on their popular Android models like Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note. I think that if they make the right sales plans and pedal the right kind of promotions, they might have a more successful quarter than expected.

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