Stranded Kitesurfer Saved Thanks To His Apple Watch 3

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For those of you who don’t know, the Apple Watch 3 also comes in a cellular version, allowing you to make phone calls and use features which would usually require your watch to be connected to your iPhone on previous versions. While some users thought that the cellular version was an unnecessary expense (after all, how many times are you without your iPhone?), it has paid dividends for one kitesurfing film-maker who claimed he was saved by the Apple Watch 3.

Not only is the Apple Watch 3 equipped with cellular, but it’s also the first waterproof version of the Apple Watch, meaning you can use it for other sports such as swimming, surfing, or just relaxing in the ocean at the beach. This was one of the most sought-after featured which previous Apple Watch customers wanted to see in the 3rd generation device.

The film maker, named John Zilles, spoke with the Daily Mail and claimed that he was kitesurfing when he wiped out and couldn’t get his kite to fly again. This happened around a mile off the coast of California.

Initially, Mr Zilles started swimming back to shore, until he realised that it would have taken him more than 2 hours to get back. He was also worried about recent shark sightings in the area, so he used his waterproof Apple Watch 3 to call the coast guard and get some help.

That’s quite an incredible thing. To be able to call for help while you’re stuck out in the ocean. But, it doesn’t end there. Mr Zilles spotted the coast guard boat heading in the wrong direction, and he was able to call them back from his Apple Watch 3 and direct them to his location.

What Would Have Happened Without The Apple Watch 3?

It’s hard to say. For all we know, he may have made it safely back to shore – slightly exhausted from the long swim, but alive. The fact that he had a waterproof Apple Watch 3 LTE, and was able to call for help when he needed it, means that it’s probably worth the starting price. Especially if you take part in extreme sports and leave your phone at home.

Obviously, in this situation, you could have got a waterproof case for your phone. But, what’s to say that when you wiped out, you wouldn’t lose your phone in the process? With the watch, you know it’s safely strapped to your wrist, easy to get to when you need it.

This is not the first time which someone has claimed the Apple Watch saved their life either. You’re probably already aware that the Apple Watch has a very accurate heart rate monitor, and can check your heart rate regularly throughout the day, notifying you when you’re running high or low. This has alerted a number of Apple Watch users to potentially fatal conditions, allowing them an advanced warning, giving them time to go and see a doctor and get their heart checked out.

The Apple Watch is an amazing device, and with the added benefits which the cellular version bring, it’s a real life saver.

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