Steve Jobs’ Donation Uncovered In Colorado

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The late Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) co-founder Steve Jobs donated a mouse for a time capsule project 30 years ago. The Aspen Time Tube was supposed to be unearthed in 2000, however the location was lost thanks to the new landscape. However, last year the time capsule was uncovered thanks to National Geographic Channel’s “Diggers”.

A piece of Apple’s history

The show’s co-host George Wyant told CNET, “We just freaked out. We went crazy. Because I’d had a pit in my stomach all day, so it was like instant relief.”

Steve Jobs’ Lisa mouse wasn’t the only thing unearthed from the time capsule. A Rubik’s Cube puzzle and Moody Blues cassette tape were also found.

Steve Jobs’ speech for innovation

In 1983, Steve Jobs gave a speech during the International Design Conference. The theme of the conference for that specific year was “The Future Isn’t What It Used To Be”. In this speech, he predicted within the next two years there would be more computers than cars, however he also predicted the computers would be poorly designed. A blog post for Center for Design Innovation summed it up:

“It was difficult for the audience to understand the deep sense in which he meant this commitment to good design. Beyond mere “gift-wrapping,” the emerging graphical interfaces were to signal computational functions that most could not even imagine. How might we be comparably limited today? What new futures might be realized in a year or two – let alone 29 years from now? We listened to Steve Harberger’s cassette recording of this little-known  Steve Jobs speech, followed by viewing a contemporary recording of the TEDx talk by Ryan Chin. He’s envisioning “smart cities” with a wireless infrastructure that mitigates congestion through “sharable, collapsible, rechargeable CityCars, GreenWheel bicycles, and RoboScooters,” along with knowledge of our habits using different modes of transportation. Join in the discussion! Consider what to do when imagination cannot keep pace with technology development.”

The uncovering of the Lisa mouse reminds us how far Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has come in the last 30 years.

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