Sony PlayStation Vita Prices Drops In Japan

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Sony Computer Entertainment Japan, on Monday, announced that the price of the Wi-Fi and 3G/Wi-Fi-versions of the PS Vita has been lowered to 19,980 yen ($212) from 24,980 yen ($265) and 29,980 yen ($319), respectively.

Sony PlayStation Vita Prices Drops In Japan

Beginning next week, both the Wi-Fi-only and 3G-connected versions of the Vita will drop to 19,980 yen including taxes, or $215.42 USD at Monday’s exchange rate.

Buyers will be able to have a week-trial advantage of PS Plus along with the promotions for the PlayStation Store and Reader ebook store

Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE) continues to move ahead with its consoles, despite Vita’s low performance in the gaming market. Rumor has it that Sony might possibly start building its touchpad controller for the rumored PlayStation 4.

Sony has not yet announced when the price cut will take effect in other countries across the world. More news may come tomorrow during  a Sony PlayStation event in New York.

The new price of the PS Vita depends on currency conversion and won’t represent the effect of a Vita price cut in the States, which could see prices for the handheld fall to $199 or less. The new price bring PS Vita in line with Nintendo Co., Ltd (TYO:7974)’s 3Ds XL handheld that has more units worldwide than the PS Vita.

Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE) says it plans to launch various marketing campaigns to suit the price revision of PS Vita. Analysts say PS Vita’s price drop is in response to a heavy criticism received by the gamer community. In November last year,  PS Vita was reported to have sold even fewer units than its predecessor, the Playstation Portable (PSP).

Analyst also believe the encroachment of Tablets and smartphones in the gaming market has left handheld consoldes suffering.

Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE) also recently launched a Web-based PlayStation store in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Brazil, allowing gamers to purchase content online as well as on their console.

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