The Sohn Conference Foundation Contest Winner [SLIDES]

The Sohn Conference Foundation Contest Winner [SLIDES]
2016 Sohn Investment Conference Speakers

The Sohn Conference Foundation raises its funds through a unique strategy. The Foundation calls on Wall Street’s most successful investors to offer their expertise — these investors give their time and inspire large audiences and followers in the name of the Foundation’s cause: pediatric cancer.

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The 2014 Sohn Conference Foundation Contest Winnners

Please review a copy of the official contest rules here.

Congratulations to our 2014 Winners and Finalists.


Michael Guichon, Columbia Business School

Idea: Fiat S.p.A. OTC IM:F NYSE:Expected October 2014

Michael Guichon Sohn Conference Presentation


Shaun Currie, Manalapan Oracle Capital Management

Scott Reardon, Dakota Capital

Juliusz Sas, GSSR Co., Inc.


Jeffrey Bronchick, Cove Street Capital, LLC

Sid Choraria, Marwar Capital

Casey Nelson, Alistair Capital Management

Jack Mo, Iditarod Capital Management

Simeon McMillan, Columbia Business School

Lawrence Rosenberg, Cornerstone Capital Management

Peter Wong, Martin Capital Management

Ben Weiss, 8th & Jackson Capital Management

David Granik, University of Michigan

Words from the speaker

Joel Greenblatt kicked off the 2014 Sohn Investment Idea Contest, inviting fresh and insightful investment ideas to be showcased at the prestigious Sohn Investment Conference on Monday, May 5th.

Introduction To The Sohn Investment Idea Contest by Joel Greenblatt

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