Snapchat Redesign Coming On December 4th

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Snapchat recently teased a change to their design, which will focus on an algorithmic feed of content. The Snapchat redesign has been hyped as a disruptive update coming soon to iOS. A day after this news was revealed, additional details emerged. Snapchat plans to rollout a new application on December 4th, bringing a bunch of changes with it.

Snapchat redesign – will Snapchat still open directly to camera?

Despite the update, Snapchat will still open directly to the camera. This has been a marquee Snapchat feature for some time, where users can quickly capture photos and videos. Users will still be able to capture snaps effortlessly, which is good because outrage would ensue if they couldn’t.

Three screen interface

Snapchat currently operates as follows: the apps opens to camera, swiping left brings up threads with friends, and swiping right brings up stories and other content. The Snapchat redesign will see communication with friends transfer to the left side of the camera. You’ll therefore see threads with Snapchat members alongside stories from friends. The right side will now be the location for aggregated content from publishing partners, including NBC, Mashable, the Daily Mail, and verified celebrities.

Snapchat will use algorithms

They will take advantage of algorithms to provide an endless feed of videos to the right of the camera. We are yet to learn what the interface will look like, and how the Snapchat redesign will change celebrity and aggregated content. Snapchat calls this a ‘democratization of content’, and the Snapchat redesign will affect more than 70 media partners. These currently produce videos for the ‘Discover’ section, and Snapchat hopes their redesign will help users separate personal connections and public figures.


Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel recently remarked on the iOS app, and how the company uses it. He criticized their current approach, claiming it has made the app difficult to use for older users. His report doesn’t make the update sound as ‘disruptive’ as initially claimed. The chances are the updates will facilitate easier use, though we’ll hold fire on judgment until it’s released.

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