Shots Fired Near Barclays Center In Brooklyn

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At least one person was injured when shots were fired near Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Emergency personnel tell local media that the person was transported to a local hospital.

Panic erupts in Brooklyn

A local TV station reported that panic erupted in downtown Brooklyn around Barclays Center after witnesses reported hearing what they said sounded like gunfire. Initially, the reports were unconfirmed as police searched for victims. After just a short time, police located a man who had been shot in the ankle. Police told local media that it happened at around 2:30 p.m. local time.

The initial reports indicated that the shots were fired at Barclays Center, which is where the Brooklyn Nets play. However, a spokesperson for the basketball team told local media that the shooting actually happened in outside the Atlantic Terminal Mall, a shopping center that’s located across the street from Barclays Center.

One hurt in Barclays Center shooting

A spokesperson for the New York Police Department tweeted that the incident wasn’t serious. One person was shot in the leg after an argument and was transported to the hospital in stable condition. Police are searching for two suspects.

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