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Halt Stop Sign economy

Economy Nearing Stall Speed Says Art Cashin

It’s inevitable; before every market crash there’s always an analyst on television insisting the market’s overvalued and due for a correction. The problem is...
Gas oil Fracking

Putting the “Oil” in Turmoil: The Destabilizing Effects of Cheap Gas

Oil prices have been on a generally downward slope since 2014. Prices may rise and fall in the short term, but for the long...
reminiscences of a stock operator pdf

Investors Stockpiling Cash Like It’s 1999

Wealthy investors are stockpiling cash at levels we haven’t seen since 2001, in the wake of the Dot Com crash. The cash slush pile...

Cooking The Books On Jobs?

Cooking The Books On Jobs by James Cordelaine The official Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) jobs report ranks right up there with the Fed prime...

Whose Gold Treasure is it Anyway?

Some of our greatest lost treasure stories range from the 1600s through the 1700s, when Spain ruled the seas and used Mexico and South...

Gold the Best Bet, with $1,900 in Sight?

Experts: Gold the Best Bet, with $1,900 in Sight A “perfect storm” of bad alternatives and increasing overall global risk will continue to push gold...

Central Banks – Damaging The World Economy?

Central Banks – Damaging The World Economy? Few economic issues receive as much public attention and cause as much anxiety as our Federal Reserve’s periodic...
DoubleLine Commodities

“Sell The House, Sell The Car, Sell The Kids—Sell Everything!”

Did you ever wake up with dread in the pit of your stomach?  Sun’s shining, birds are chirping, everybody looks normal and everything seems...

Our Economy Is Weakening And It’s Up To You To Save It

Suppose you were looking forward to a shopping trip, but decided to cancel after you’d taken another glance at your available funds. Then imagine...
Bracing For The Next Brexit

Brexit Thwarts UK And Eurozone Growth

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has revised its growth projection for the Eurozone in the wake of Brexit. But instead of basing its revision...

Investing Ivy League-Style – Is It Right For You?

Suppose you want to pick a stock to invest in; how would you go about making your choice? Check out the Wall Street Journalor...
Left Tail, Leverage, Equity Valuations

Are You Prepared for the Inflated Market Collapse?

Are You Prepared for the Inflated Market Collapse? You can always count on Wall Street to take something meant to do good and turn it...
Pension Bubble Pension Challenges

The World’s Biggest Pension Fund is Collapsing

The World’s Biggest Pension Fund is Collapsing The Japanese are renowned for their veneration of the elderly. They maintain a tradition of “filial piety” that...

Fed Passes on Another Rate Hike Opportunity

The Federal Reserve surprised absolutely no one Wednesday with its Federal Open Market Committee press release stating it wouldn’t be hiking interest rates. As...
Concentrated Mutual Funds Passive Investing IPOs Market Volatility

Stocks, Gold And Today’s Defensively Diversified Portfolio

Stocks, Gold And Today's Defensively Diversified Portfolio by James Cordelaine Is there a place in our portfolios for both stocks and gold? Does investing in...