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Commodities are the Cheapest Asset Class Around

Apparently, everyone is now jumping on the commodity bandwagon – or so it “appears”.  The number of emails and reports pumping up commodities has...
Jeffrey Gundlach Paul Tudor Jones Commodities

Gundlach And Paul Tudor Jones Say It’s Time To Buy Commodities

Article by RCM Alternatives Don’t look now, but some grown in the ground commodities not named Oil have been rallying pretty strong the past month...
China Commodities

China’s Staggering Demand For Commodities [INFOGRAPHIC]

>50% of all steel, cement, nickel, and copper goes there It’s said that in China, a new skyscraper is built every five days. China is building...
Shale Industry

Oil Just Had Its Best Year Since 2006; Commodities Could Go Higher

On the campaign trail, then-presidential candidate Donald Trump pledged to invest as much as $1 trillion in U.S. infrastructure if he were elected. This...
Dollar And Equities

The current relationship between the US$ and Intl Equities and commodities is fairly simple

“Davidson” submits: The US$(US Dollar) has been much in the news. How it is priced in the context of global currencies impacts investors in every...
Commodity Trading

Latin America In 2018: Why Commodities Are Still King

Now that the recessions in Argentina and Brazil have ended, the major economies of Latin America are looking forward to sustainable – if modest –...

The Seasonality Of Commodities

Our commute to work this morning was something brutal in Chicago: -3 degrees with a feel like temperature of -17. It’s Winter in Chicago,...

Housing Boom Could Cause Commodities To Soar

In its November report, mortgage security firm Freddie Mac called 2017 the “best year in a decade” for the housing market by a variety...


AzValor Q3 letters to investors These guys have very good long term track record .. value fund is effective spin out of Spanish fund Bestinver...

World Stocks Up 23% YTD, Commodities Is Worst Performer, Down 1% [CHART]

Some of us in the Managed Futures space were pretty darn close to losing patience here in 2017…. With programs seemingly waiting for the...

Core Income Refresh – Part 2 Commodities

In the second edition of the Core Income Refresh series we examine the Commodity sectors, both of which are very sensitive to economic conditions....
Massive Impact Of EVs On Commodities

The Massive Impact Of EVs On Commodities In One Chart

How demand would change in a 100% EV world The Chart of the Week is a weekly Visual Capitalist feature on Fridays. What would happen if...

The China Commodities Upheaval Continues With This Stoppage

All eyes in the commodities world have been turning back to China the last several weeks. With supply dislocations across the country roiling markets...

ChartBrief 133 – Commodities A Little Too Quiet…

I noticed something in the commodity charts, or perhaps you could say I noticed something that wasn't in the commodity charts. In other words,...
China Inflation

ChartBrief 102 – China Inflation Surprises, Commodities, And EM

The latest inflation figures out of China weren't much to talk about on the face of it, with CPI at 1.5% yoy in June...