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Carlyle Group biggest oil and gas equipment and services companies

These Are The Ten Biggest Commodities In The World

Commodities are one of the most popular investment instruments for an investor. Their prices can be volatile as well, thus creating opportunities for traders...
Fastest growing economies, 2021

These Are Ten Best Performing Commodities Of 2020

Like other financial markets, the global commodity markets also witnessed a sharp slowdown at the start of last year. However, a rebound later in...
ECB QE Program

ECB’s QE Program Boosting Triggers A Rally In Commodities

Commenting on the ECB boosting its QE Program and today’s trading, Gorilla Trades strategist Ken Berman said: Q3 2020 hedge fund letters, conferences and more ECB...
Gas stimulus checks to Americans

These are the top ten most traded commodities

Commodities are very crucial for every economy because it helps in the creation of other goods. Along with this, they are popular among traders as...
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Mangrove Partners Down In 2019 On Its Investments In Commodities

Mangrove Partners finished 2019 down -9.4% despite a return of +5.1% in the month of December, according to a hedge fund letter to investors...
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Sustainable commodities may soon dominate the financial markets

The financial markets are the backbone of the global economy. Their nature was never supposed to be speculative, but thanks to this transition, many...

Gold, Silver, Commodities, & USD – Update

We highlight the gold silver ratio, platinum to palladium ratio, platinum to gold ratio, and more. September 25-26 the Federal Reserve will be meeting...

US / China Tariffs Weigh On Commodities

The commodity complex continues to struggle on the heels of intensifying trade wars between the world’s two largest economies: the United States and China....

Commodities In Backwardation – Cheers

Article by RCM Alternatives Don’t look now, but it appears everyone’s talking about commodities these days. The latest is Zerohedge pointing out that more than...
Commodities Asset Class Scoreboard

Commodities Continue To Lead Asset Class Scoreboard YTD With RE In Dead Last

Article by RCM Alternatives Don’t look now, but commodities continue to lead the asset class scoreboard in 2018, as rising crude prices and a bounce...
Louis Gave China Inflation

China’s Role In The Coming Commodities Boom

With anti-Chinese sentiment in the US rising faster than one of Gordon Ramsay’s pies, it’s probably a good time to think about what China...
Commodity Trading

Top 5 Commodities – The Impending Energy Revolution

https://seekingalpha.com/instablog/576542-dr-john-faessel/5063884-market-disrupting-metal-alloy-will-transform-transport-industry With the world embarking on a potential Third Industrial Revolution, according to one well-known economic advisor to China and the European Union, Jeremy Rifkin,...
Q1 Asset Class Scoreboard

Q1 Asset Class Scoreboard – Commodities Lead, RE In Last

Article by RCM Alternatives It finally happened. The market went through a major move (in February) but the recovery wasn’t enough. Sure, there were really...
Transporting Commodities

Transporting Commodities With A Fleet Of 36 Precious Ships

Background Precious Shipping Public Company Limited is a dry bulk ship-owner. PSL operates since 1989 and is also involved in complementary activities to ship owning...

If You Don’t Own Commodities, Your Portfolio is Misallocated

Key Takeaways Investors continue to plow money into expensive assets and ignore one of the cheapest assets in the world – commodities. Commodities offer...