Scotland Head to the Polls for Historic Independence Vote

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Scotland Head to the Polls for Historic Independence Vote by Jon Queally

The people of Scotland are heading to polling stations and casting their votes for or against independence from the United Kingdom on Thursday in what has become a dramatic “too-close-to call” referendum the outcome of which would have vast implications for the future of both nations.

After more than 300 years as a part of the U.K. and living under the British monarchy, the most recent polling from Scotland shows that the ‘Yes’ campaign—which supports independence—is only narrowly behind the ‘No’ camp that is pushing for unity.

According to the Guardian on Thursday morning, “All the leading pollsters have now issued final polls suggesting a No win by 53% to 47%, or 52% to 48%, but Labour officials remain cautious, saying it is still unclear how undecided voters will break, or what could be the impact of a high turnout. As few as 200,000 votes could determine the outcome.”

Strikingly, especially with undecided voters playing such a pivotal role in the result, voter turnout is expected to be enormously high, with predictions that 95% of Scots will cast a ballot.

The Guardian is providing live coverage of the day’s election here.

And users of Twitter, under the hashtag #scottishindependence, are also tracking results and commentary on the vote:

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