Schleich Horse Stable – A Great Holiday Gift For Your Daughter Or Grand-Daughter

Schleich Horse Stable – A Great Holiday Gift For Your Daughter Or Grand-Daughter

Are you a collector looking for a new addition? Are you struggling to figure out what to get for the kids in your life? Maybe you’re just tired of cheaply made, poorly imagined, toys littering the floor of children’s playroom. Schleich has spent the last several years creating toys meant not only to entertain but to stoke the imagination of children everywhere. These aren’t the types of toys your kids will play with once or twice and abandon later once the media hype has passed. Instead, Schleich products rely on comprehensive details and innovative character designs to capture the attention of even the pickiest little adventurer.

From dragons made of ice and pony riding mermaids to flying dinosaurs and the most fearsome beasts to walk the Sahara, each Schleich toy set is just a small piece in a world all its own. Schleich has something for everyone, so get a head start on this year’s Christmas list with the North America Schleich stable complete with horses and accessories.

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The stable set includes one mustang mare and foal with saddle and bridle set, one rider, a horse blanket, 12 paddocks, a pitchfork and two bales, feed, two planters, and stickers. Each piece is carefully built with an eye for detail and hand painted.

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The stable has a removable roof and combined with the paddocks; kids can create an open riding arena. Or they can attach the paddocks directly to the barn to give the horses room to run. Kids can even open and close the skylights in the stable to help cool the horses down after a long day or riding. Little additions like the doublewide gated doors, the saddle and bridle holder, water trough, feed racks, and name tags for each horse stall add an extra layer of authenticity to play time.

The Schleich horse stable is a bestseller on Amazon and is recommended for ages 3 to 13. Made of the highest quality materials this set will last for years. Pass it along to the next generation as your children grow older or keep it to look back on fond memories. For a Holiday gift, the stable and all of the accessories that come with it are available for $99.99 with free shipping. This set is great for both kids and avid collectors and will be a beloved addition for years to come. Make sure to expand your stables with all of the other horses and riders that make up the Schleich’s Horse Club.

Disclosures: Schleich sent the set for my daughters (okay really me JK) to try out in return for an honest review. My eight year old liked it but might be nearing a bit too “tweenie” for it, or it’s just her taste as she is less into dolls and more into arts and crafts, but it is PERFECT for my 6-year-old who loves it and plays with it daily for several weeks so far. Thanks again to Schleich’s PR agency for sending my daughters this great gift.

Below is a short interview with my daughter about why she likes the product. Note: the stickers referred to in the audio look like door signs, and you can name your horse and stick up the sticker/sign by that horse’s stable.

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