Samsung Unveils The New Gear S2 Smartwatch At IFA

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Samsung introduced the new Gear S2 smartwatch at this year’s IFA event in Berlin. The new wearable boasts a slimmer design, rotating bezel, touchscreen controls and the Tizen operating system. The new OS is quite a surprise as Samsung usually loads its watches with Android software, which shouldn’t cause any issues, except for the fact that it doesn’t come with a big marketplace for apps, although Samsung plans to change that. The South Korean tech giant claimed it will launch 1,000 apps in time for the smartwatch’s release. The company worked with over 100 developers to create new apps specifically for the Tizen-based watch.

Gear S2’s impressive features and specs

The new Gear S2 features a bright screen that is both colorful and sharp. It features an ambient mode similar to Android-based watches, which makes it easy to check the time. The best thing about the new watch is that it works with almost every smartphone running on Android 4.4 or higher and with at least 1.5 GB of RAM.

As expected, the new watch will feature Samsung Pay, an NFC-based payment system set to launch at the end of the month. The system is similar to Apple Pay as it enables users to make secure payments with their smart devices and conceal payment information to protect their identity. Samsung Pay works with many banks and financial institutions, including American Express, Bank of America, MasterCard, Visa and USBank.

Gear S2 is a significant improvement

Samsung’s previous Tizen-based Gear smartwatch was less of a success thanks to its slightly awkward design. Gear S2 takes a more modern approach with a sleek design. Both wearables feature elastomer bands and a lightweight design, but the Gear S2 features a slightly smaller 40mm body (compared to the Gear’s 42mm), and a black leather strap. Overall, the new Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch looks better than the previous watch, and it offers more features people want, including Wi-Fi and customizable news tickers.

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