Samsung Smart TVs Are IoT Ready; Can Control Smart Homes

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Samsung Electronics announced that its 2016 Smart TVs are Internet of Things (IoT) ready and can control smart homes. According to the South Korean electronics giant, its new TV sets are connected with the SmartThings platform.

SmartThings is an open platform that allows users to connect, control, and manage smart devices and IoT services.

The Samsung Smart TVs (Superior 4K UHD) are integrated with IoT hub technology that allows that TV set to serve as the controller for the entire smart home.

Using the SmartThings app, consumers can connect their outdoor security camera to their Samsung Smart TV, and they can check when visitors arrive and open their front door using their controller. They can also use their smartphone as a controller if they misplace their TV controller because the app has a mobile version.

Samsung Smart TVs can control over 200 SmartThings compatible devices

The South Korean electronics giant said its SUHD TVs connect with and controls Samsung devices and SmartThings sensors. The Samsung Smart TVs can also connect with and control more than 200 other devices compatible with the SmartThings platform such as connected lights and locks, thermostat, cameras among others.

Consumers need a SmartThings Extend USB adaptor to get the full support of connectivity with SmartThings compatible devices.

Samsung expects to lead the Smart TV industry

In a statement, Hyun Suk Kum, President of Visual Display Business at Samsung said the company’s 2016 Smart TV line-up will provide consumers with new possibilities and will cement its leadership in the industry. Samsung is the first company to launch IoT TVs.

On the other hand, Alex Hawkinson, co-founder and CEO of SmartThings, said, “With Samsung Smart TVs working with the SmartThings technology, we have an opportunity to reach millions of households. Applying this technology to current household devices is a major step forward that will make it much easier for everyone to experience the benefits of a smart home.”

According to Samsung, the SmartThings app offers a Cinema Mood, which allows users to create a perfect home theater environment. The app allows consumers to adjust everything from ambient lighting to surround sound.

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