Samsung Plans To Release A Jet Black Galaxy S7 Like iPhone 7

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Samsung will reportedly launch a glossy black version of the Galaxy S7 early next month, according to The Investor. The Korean electronics giant is looking to compensate for the loss it sustained due to its Note 7 phones catching fire. It must be noted that Apple’s Jet Black iPhone 7 has seen huge popularity.

More color options for Galaxy S7 to boost sales

Samsung’s Galaxy 7 in Onyx Black is already available, and it is shinier than Apple’s matte black offering. However, the Jet Black iPhone 7 can do better than the Onyx Black Galaxy S7 anytime, says Redmond Pie. In the wake of tough competition from the iPhone 7, Samsung will need more than Onyx Black to attract more customers. Thus, a glossy black version will be a perfect fit.

Samsung’s strategy of bringing in more color options and offering generous cash benefits is helping it compete with the iPhone 7 on its home turf. The Blue Galaxy S7 variant is selling more than 15,000 units per day on average, while sales for the iPhone 7 have been less than 10,000 units in recent weeks, says The Investor.

Samsung’s decision to launch smartphones of similar colors as Apple makes sense, as customers who are looking for something new will never run out of options. However, it could mean that the company will have to face the accusation of copying Apple all over again.

Samsung has already removed the Note 7 from its product portfolio, and therefore, its dependency on the popular Galaxy S7 has increased. Moreover, the Galaxy S8 is not expected to launch for a few more months at least, pinning all hopes on the colorful variants of the Galaxy S7.

Samsung Galaxy 8 to come in two screen sizes

Meanwhile, lots of Galaxy S8 specifications and features rumors are going around, with some reports suggesting that one of the two variants will be as big as the Note 7, and the second version will even be larger. The display sizes of the two variants are speculated at around 5.7 inches and 6.2 inches. According to experts, in order to fill the gap created by the withdrawal of the Note 7, the company will launch the 5.7-inch version of the Galaxy 8.

On the display front, both versions will reportedly have edge displays with the resolution upped from 2K to 4K, as the company is striving to advance its VR experience by several notches. Further, the larger Galaxy S8 can come with a dual-lens camera setup just like the iPhone 7 Plus.

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