Samsung’s C-Lab to reveal invisible AI keyboard at CES

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Samsung is slated to introduce its new digital human avatar today, but the company is also introducing a number of other new items. The company’s C-Lab incubation program developed software that uses a camera on a phone, tablet or laptop as a virtual keyboard. Samsung’s invisible AI keyboard tracks the user’s movements and is called SelfieType.

How Samsung’s invisible AI Keyboard works

Samsung announced its SelfieType with four other C-Lab products in a press release. Samsung’s invisible AI keyboard makes it easy to type emails and other documents on touchscreens. It’s like using a keyboard on any surface without actually having a keyboard. Samsung posted a video of SelfieType in action on one of its YouTube channels:

The big question about Samsung’s invisible AI keyboard is how accurate it will be. The video makes it look like SelfieType works amazingly well, but typing on an invisible keyboard sounds tricky. It will be interesting to see how well it really works. It may also depend on the quality of the device’s selfie camera, so it might not work great with every single smartphone or tablet that’s available.

Other C-Lab products at CES 2020

In addition to Samsung’s invisible AI keyboard, C-Lab will also introduce four other new products at CES 2020. One is the Hyler, which the company describes as “a smart highlighter that digitalizes analog texts from paper onto mobile devices. Highlighting content with the device basically scans it into the app. Users can then use search mode to find things within the content.

C-Lab also plans to reveal Becon, a home remedy to prevent hair loss based on scalp analysis. The device is handheld and includes a smartphone app to analyze the user’s scalp. It analyzes the scalp’s condition in real time, looking at features like follicle density, temperature, humidity, sensitivity and dead skin. Becon also uses machine learning and then recommends the best solution to prevent hair loss based on the problems the user is having with their scalp.

SunnySide is a window-shaped artificial sunlight device. It simulates the changing of the sunlight throughout the day by copying the full spectrum. The device is designed to enable users to synthesize vitamin D even while indoors or spending time in places where there isn’t a lot of sunlight. Artificial sunlight also prevents skin aging and sunburn and can hang on a wall like a picture.

The last product C-Lab is planning to introduce at CES is Ultra V, a tiny device that monitors the user’s exposure to ultraviolet light. It isn’t a standalone device, however. It could easily be integrated into many different kinds of wearable devices.

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