New Samsung Galaxy S8 Leak Reveals The First Hands-On Videos


Fans will have to wait another month to see the Samsung Galaxy S8 unveiled, as the Mobile World Congress didn’t bring any official details about it… other than the reveal date. Samsung said during its Mobile World Congress event that it will show off its next flagship handset on March 29. Instead of showcasing the S8, the event focused on Samsung’s new tablet.

Samsung Galaxy S8
Image Source: MobileFun (YouTube screen grab)

New videos show off Samsung Galaxy S8

Despite the MWC disappointment, there has been a new leak regarding the Samsung Galaxy S8. Someone has posted a few videos showing some hands-on time with the Korean firm’s next smartphone. SamMobile spotted the videos, which are quite short but do reveal some details about it. They were originally tweeted by SlashLeaks.

The newest video came courtesy retailer MobileFun, and all it shows is someone typing on the phone. The touchscreen keyboard looks like what we would expect from Samsung.

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It looks like a China-based person leaked the first video, which shows both the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

What’s apparent from this latest Samsung Galaxy S8 leak

Among the features that are apparent in the first Galaxy S8 video are the Always On Display and Home Screen. The display-to-body ratio is quite large, as is becoming the trend these days. You can also see that the physical home button has been replaced by soft keys. As has been rumored both the S8 and S8 Plus feature a curved dual-edge display with very small bezels. The fingerprint scanner was moved to the back of the handset as well.

The videos don’t show any surprises in terms of the design, and they don’t offer a full rundown of all their features, although they do show the new navigation drawer Samsung has been rumored to be working on. The drawer pulls up from the bottom of the display.

These may not be the final versions of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, but they seem like prototypes, at the very least. The phones in the videos match the leaked images we’ve seen recently. The phones are expected to be available for purchase starting on Apr. 21.

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