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Samsung Galaxy S7 – Latest Rumors

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It has been a busy year for Samsung, but as the Korean electronics giant gets back on course, the release of the Galaxy S7 will be even more critical. The Galaxy S range is, of course, the flagship handset from the Samsung corporation, yet the series has been dogged slightly by a diminished reputation in recent years. Previous plastic constructions associated with the Galaxy S series were not well received either commercially or critically, and Samsung has been forced to concede publicly that its device range fell behind the standard desired by the marketplace.

This changed with the release of the Galaxy S6, but the Galaxy S7 will be even more important for Samsung. The Korean manufacturer is looking to produce a device that can truly rival the iPhone series in quality and prestige, with the iPhone 7 expected to deliver a revolutionary package for Apple next year.

Two Galaxy S7 models

So it is interesting to note that early reports on the next generation Samsung smartphone suggest that the Galaxy S7 will come in two different models. SamMobile picked up on the fact that the next generation handset has been encoded internally by Samsung as SM-G930 and SM-G935, and this naturally suggests that two separate products will be released.

Predicting precisely what is intended by the two codenames is not an exact science. But an obvious suggestion would be that one of the two devices will be a flat-screen Galaxy S7, with an S7 Edge curved screen variant also accompanying the standard release. Certainly reports in Samsung’s native Korea have suggested earlier this year that Samsung will place a greater emphasis on curved screen devices in the future.

Other S7 Parameters

In addition, the publication also has news on another rumor related to Samsung. SamMobile states that the corporation is referring to the two devices as “Hero” and “Hero2” as part of “Project Lucky”, and also that they will have differing internal specifications. One of the two handsets will be powered by an Exynos 8890, while a Snapdragon 820 will be the driver of the alternative variant.

It is also suggested, intriguingly, that the Galaxy S7 could see the much missed micro SD card slot reintroduced to the series. This was omitted from the Galaxy S6 earlier this year, and many Samsung fans have suggested that this was a mistake. With storage becoming an ever more important aspect of mobile phone portfolios, the potential to increase memory via micro SD would certainly be welcomed by Galaxy fans all over the planet.

At present it seems that we should expect a similar release schedule for the Galaxy S7 as has occurred in previous years. This would mean that the smartphone would be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, which will take place in 2016 on February 22-25. As this date is somewhat earlier than the previous iterations of the mobile technology trade show, this naturally suggests that the Galaxy S7 would follow slightly earlier as well. Thus, we could indeed see the Galaxy S7 come to light before the end of March next year.


It will be intriguing to see what Samsung develops with regard to the design of the Galaxy S7, as there is something of a contradiction inherent in this device. On the one hand, this is certainly a department on which Samsung needs to concentrate, owing to the fact that the Galaxy S series plasticky feel was not always will received in the past. On the other hand, the Galaxy S6 was something of a return to form for Samsung, and it could easily be argued that too much isn’t broken with the Galaxy S series at the moment, so there is simply no need to fix it!

So we perhaps shouldn’t expect too many changes to the standard Galaxy S7 model when it is released, but we could see the premium curved screen variant come more to the fore. Whether this will involve a design change is debatable, but it has even been suggested in some quarters that the Galaxy S7 Edge could be the sole model this time round. That naturally now seems extremely unlikely considering the two leaked model numbers, but it is possible that the Galaxy S 7 Edge will outsell the flat-screen version of the mobile for the first time in this forthcoming generation.


One of the big debates with the Galaxy S7 is whether Samsung will finally upgrade one of the displays in its smartphone range to 4K resolution. This has been predicted and anticipated for some time, but Samsung chose to freeze the screen resolution of the recent Galaxy Note 5 at quad HD. The recent announcement of a 4K smartphone from Sony has made this innovation more likely, even if some people are sceptical about the claims of the Japanese corporation.

Other specs

Other details related to the Galaxy S7 remain very much open to speculation. It is probable that we will see a similar battery size featured in the Galaxy S7 to the last generation, with Samsung relying on Android improvements in order to deliver superior power saving functionality. Samsung may also be tempted to slightly improve the megapixel rating in the rear-facing camera of the Galaxy S7, considering that Apple has recently upped the capability of the iPhone snapper by 50 percent.

We should also expect the S7 to be chargeable by wireless and USB, as Samsung continues to develop its fast-charging technology. One interesting aspect of the Galaxy S7 here is that Samsung may choose to utilise USB-C. This new port that was introduced in the new 12-inch MacBook delivers more speed, power and flexibility than the existing USB setup. It is thought that it could play a particularly prominent role in wireless charging, and Samsung will probably be investigating this possibility as we speak.

In line with the micro SD rumor, we may also see a 256 GB variant of the Galaxy S7 released, emphasizing that this will be a major mobile competitor early next year.

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