Samsung Galaxy S5 Predictions And Possibilities

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The Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone is one of the most popular smartphones on the market. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the phones that’s received a lot of flack over it’s build and design. According to some recent rumors and possible predictions, things could change for the phone.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Predictions And Possibilities

Samsung Galaxy S5 premuim changes

There was a rumor a few days ago that Samsung has plans to use premium materials for their smartphones and the upcoming Galaxy S5 could be the first phone to showcase these changes. explained, “The criticism levelled towards the company was compounded with the launch of the Galaxy S4, which came as the HTC One with its premium aluminium finish and build quality became available. It has to be remembered though to have a plastic build can help keep already high costs down for the consumers, plus it also brings a number of other benefits along the way. It is easier for a smartphone with a polycarbonate body to feature a removable rear cover, which enables a user to replace the handsets battery once it begins to lose its effectiveness. Many smartphone owners will be tied into a two year contract with a carrier, and before that runs out battery life can easily begin to deteriorate, so a new replacement can easily be purchased and fitted at a lower cost.”

Samsung’s smartphone market

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has a strong presence in the smartphone market, but consumers want more. They want a phone that looks more upscale, which is something the iPhone and HTC One offer. A metal body makes the phone appear more sleek and modern.

It’s still too early to know when Samsung will release their Galaxy S5, although it’s likely to be sometime next year. Many rumors point towards a March release. However, Samsung announced the Samsung Galaxy S4 in March and subsequently released it in April. There is still plenty of time to speculate and predict what the next Galaxy S smartphone will be like, but Samsung has less than six months to exceed everyone’s expectations.

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