Samsung unveils new keyboard cover for Galaxy Note 5

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Samsung has unveiled a keyboard cover for the new Galaxy Note 5. The case is designed with a physical keyboard to give users the option to type on a non-virtual keyboard, and it works with Bluetooth. Samsung’s representatives clarified that the accessory is coming soon, but the official product launch date is unknown. The keyboard cover will be available in other countries before coming to the United States.

Samsung’s keyboard cover provides a satisfactory user experience

CNET’s David Carnoy elaborated in a blog post about the quick test spin they conducted with the device. Carnoy claimed they had no problem typing out a few sentences on the keyboard, and he also mentioned the row of buttons duplicating the home screen and navigational buttons at the bottom of the screen where the case covers up.

The new keyboard cover should appeal most to BlackBerry users who are not willing to give up a physical keyboard, but it should also appeal to Android users who want to experience the novelty of a solid keyboard. The one negative factor about the accessory is the fact that it adds bulkiness to a phablet with a 5.7-inch screen.

Typo brought a similar experience for iPhone users

Physical keyboard accessories for smartphones are not a new concept. One of the more recent incarnations of such technologies included Typo, a physical keyboard device backed by media mogul Ryan Seacrest. The Typo keyboard worked by communicating with an iPhone using Bluetooth, but it was considered more of a cheap imitation of the BlackBerry keyboard.

During today’s event, Samsung also introduced two new smartphones: the aforementioned Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S Edge+. The tech maker also unveiled other wireless accessories and additional phone cases.

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