Salesforce Unveils Developer Platform For Wearable Devices

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Salesforce Wear, a developer platform for wearable devices, was introduced by, inc. (NYSE:CRM) as part of its goal to lead in the mobile space.

Developers will be able to build apps for six types of wearable devices using the Saleforce Wear development platform, which contains reference apps, demos, open source code and other documentation.

Some of the mobile devices in the Salesforce Wear development platform wherein developers can create apps include Google Glass, the computer-powered headset from Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL) and the Gear 2 smartwatch from Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (LON:BC94) (KRX:005935).

They can also develop apps for the Pebble smartwatch, the MYO gesture control armband from Thalmic Labs, the Bionym Nymi wristband that has the ability to recognize a person based on his or her cardiac rhythm as well as devices using Android Wear.

ARM Holdings plc (LON:ARM) is also a partner of, inc. (NYSE:CRM) in the Salesforce Wear development platform.

Open source reference apps

The Salesforce Wear Developer Pack, a collection of open source reference apps, is the heart of the development platform of, inc. (NYSE:CRM). This would help developers create apps for wearable devices that connect to its mobile app platform, Salesforce1. The company made the code open source to enable developers to learn how to develop their own enterprise apps.

Salesforce Wear helps developers build apps easily

Daniel Debow, senior vice president of emerging technologies, said developing apps for wearable devices is still difficult. According to him, wearable devices have different form factors, different screens and different processing power. He added, “Some require a connection with a smartphone, some don’t.”

Furthermore, Debow said, inc. (NYSE:CRM) wants to take care of some of the challenges through the Saleforce Wear, which will allow developers to easily build, design and deploy secure business apps, as well as connect wearable devices to company’s platform.

“We give people starter code that they can modify and use for themselves,” said Debow.

Developers will be able the reference apps and review the underlying code in Salesforce Wear without paying anything. All they have to do is sign up for a free Developer Edition.

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