Russia’s YotaPhone 2 Won’t Arrive In The United States

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The anticipated YotaPhone 2 won’t be arriving in the United States, at least in the immediate future. The Russian-based tech company Yota Devices recently e-mailed a letter delivering the bad news to the campaign’s U.S. backers. The letter included a sincere apology and a reason for the delay. The company attributes the issue to problems involving delivery and production. Yota Devices previously launched the fund-raising campaign for the YotaPhone 2 earlier this year, marketing it as a unique phone with two displays, traditional LCD panel, 8 megapixel camera, 32GB of storage, and Android KitKat operating system.

Yota Devices explained the plight in e-mail

The email elaborated on the issue, “The reason for our cancelled launch is due to unforeseen delays including both production and delivery of the North American variant of YotaPhone 2 from our manufacturer. This despite spending months finalizing and securing the deal to bring to life the North American variant of YotaPhone 2, and when we launched this campaign we were confident our supplier would be able to follow through with their commitment. This was a shock to everyone at Yota Devices, and our leadership team, including our CEO, met with the manufacturer last week in a last-ditch effort to find a solution but the logistics were insurmountable and the device would simply arrive too late.”

U.S. backers can choose between refund or international version of YotaPhone 2

Disappointed backers can either obtain a refund or receive the international version. Customers who opt for the latter choice can operate their phone on AT&T or T-Mobile, as both carriers offer global networks.

Yota Devices recently managed to secure another manufacturing partner. If the new partner has no problem managing scalability demands and everything else goes according to plan, consumers might be able to get a new-generation Yota Phone in the U.S. next year.

The company’s campaign efforts earned a total close to $300,000 from backers. People who wanted to purchase the phone had to put down a $500 minimum. The campaign was a success and it met financial goals before the campaign ended in late July.

Source: TheVerge

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