Titanium iPhone 8 Cases To Pay Tribute To Russia’s P-36M Satan Missile

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Glass cases of iPhone 8 and X will be replaced for titanic cases in Russia – homage for P-36M “Satan” missile and T-14 “Armata” tank

The Russian brand of luxury smartphones Caviar announced that the first collection of luxury smartphones in iPhone 8 format will be a series in titanic cases serving as a tribute to superior Russian arms – K-651 “Kazan” submarine, P-36M “Satan” missile, MiG-35 fighter, and T-14 “Armata” tank. 

Novelties from Apple were presented on September, 12th; the American developers announced that the case of innovative iPhone 8 will be made of glass. Designers and engineers of Caviar considered this kind of smartphone “body” as too fragile and nondurable and proposed a powerful protection for it – titanic case. This material is widely applied in the Russian army for creation of outstanding military equipment overland, afloat, and aloft – atomic submarine “Kazan”, military vehicle T-14 “Armata”, intercontinental ballistic missile P-36M “Satan”, and multi-purpose “MiG-35” fighter.

From the image of “MiG-35” fighter, designers took a distinctive element of fuselage covering. The covering consists of multiple layers and is baked in vacuum under high pressure. The case of Titanium MiG phone consists of titanic web the engraving on which imitates joints and punches of the legendary fighter. The ballistic missile “Satan” (official name – “Voevoda” or SS 18 in NATO classification) is the most powerful missile in the world capable to deliver the opponent a crushing blow. Dotted division of the missile into compartments is ciphered in the case of Titanium Satana phone. Bewitching sky depth where the missile is launched to is depicted with the help of composite stone. The central relief part of the phone metaphorically symbolizes the case of SS 18 made with a deterrent black colour.

Titanium Submarine model is homage to submarines of 885 “Yasen” – “Kazan” class. This is the most expensive and most dangerous submarine of the modern Navy of the Russian Federation. Experts call it quintessence of the vast experience accumulated by the Russian military and industrial complex over fifty years of creation and operation of atomic submarines. Design of the phone features a stylistic pattern of the anti-slip floor cover. Typical embellishment of “Kazan” submarine located over the vessel’s waterline decorates the sides of the central panel.  Caviar Titanium Armata is a model inspired by “Armata” tank with its recognizable “printed” pattern, track chain, framed by tank’s case with convex rivets. Fantastic T-14 on the basis of “Armata” series was presented for the first time in 2015. This is the first-ever tank for network-centric war.

New models Caviar are already available for pre-orders and will be offered for sale on September, 29th – on the first day of sales of iPhone 8 in Russia. The prices of titanic iPhone 8 start from 184 000 rbl., the prices of iPhone X in titanic cases – from 214 000 rbl.


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