Russian Stocks – Where The Outlook is Bleakest

Russian Stocks – Where The Outlook is Bleakest

Russian Stocks – Go Where the Outlook is Bleakest by CSInvesting

One of my favorite quotes, I think from @MarkYusko “Investing is the only place where when things go on sale, people run out of the store”

  1. Go Where the Outlook is Bleakest of John Templeton’s 16 Rules **
  2. The Risks of Investing in Russian Stocks
  3. Black Swans

Of course, being contrarian requires MUCH PATIENCE. See link (**) above that featured the gold market in my post of Jan. 2014.

Hedge Funds Are Convicted On Their Top 10 Stocks Despite Low Crowding As Apple Falls Far Out Of Favor

Stocks Stock ValuationConcentration in hedge fund portfolios has been rising throughout the year and approached a record high during the third quarter. In fact, the only time concentration was higher was during the fourth quarter of 2018. Hedge Funds Are Highly Convicted But With Minimal Crowding According to Goldman Sachs' Hedge Fund Trend Monitor for the third Read More

Russian Stocks

Russian Stocks


An intelligent move: sandstorm-gold-announces a buy-back of shares after a 80% decline in shares   (the opposite of tech stocks currently buying back shares at their all-time highs after a six year move up in their stock prices)

Ghost Airports or EU Mal-investment Gone Berserk

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