Russian Luxury Brand Launches Putin-Themed Apple Watch

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If the standard versions of the Apple Watch aren’t special enough to merit your attention, maybe these special editions will finally lure you in.

Luxury brand Caviar sells items by Elia Giacometti, who has designed a range of three special edition Apple Watches. The first honors current President Vladimir Putin, while the other two pay tribute to Vladimir Lenin and Peter the Great, according to RT.

Three political leaders featured in distinctive Apple Watch designs

Wealthy Russian Apple Watch fans can now choose one of the three political leaders to honor on their wrist. Each model in the Apple Watch Epocha line costs $3,100 and is available with a Milanese loop or leather band.

The gold Vladimir Putin model features an engraving of the Moscow skyline, the Russian state emblem on the Digital Crown button and Putin’s name and signature. Those who wish to commemorate the October Revolution may prefer the silver Lenin model. Engravings include his mausoleum and the hammer and sickle on the Digital Crown.

Peter the Great is honored by a gold Epoca Imperia Apple Watch, which commemorates the great reformer of Russia and features an engraved crown design along with finely detailed edges.

Luxury brand previously sold gold and titanium “Putinphones”

Although the political timepieces may seem strange, there may well be a market for them in Russia. Italian brand Caviar previously made a special edition gold iPhone case which featured an engraving of Putin’s portrait. All 44 sold out in one day despite the fact that they cost $4,350 each. What price can you put on showing your support for the Kremlin’s strongman?

The so-called “Putinphones” were made from gold and titanium, with the latter included because “it is he hardest, most pure metal in the world [reflecting the] indomitable force, unyielding will and steadfastness of Russia’s leader.”

The new Apple Watch may create a dilemma for Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who has already got his hands on a standard Apple Watch following its Russian release on July 31. Will the release of the Putin special edition pressurize Medvedev into buying one to prove his loyalty?

Apple Watch spawns weird special editions

A number of luxury brands have decided to put their own spin on the Apple Watch for the more discerning customer. While Caviar targeted Russian patriots with its politically-inspired engravings, watchmaker Nico Gerard has decided that its customers should no longer have to choose between wearing an Apple Watch or a traditional timepiece.

The Skyview Pinnacle features a luxury analogue watch on one side of the band, and an Apple Watch on the other. The fact that the Apple Watch sits on the inside of your wrist is supposed to increase privacy as it prevents others from reading your messages.

As far as watches go it seems quite ungainly, but the company appears set on marketing it. The range features models which cost from $9,300 to an eye-watering $112,000 depending on the materials used to make the watches.

If a modified Apple Watch is more your style, check out the diamond-encrusted models made by Brikk. A Standard model with a single row of 0.5 carat diamonds costs $7,495, the mid-range Deluxe will set you back $11,995 and the fully diamond-encrusted Omni costs $69,995.

As the high price tags show, some companies which release their own versions of the Apple Watch are targeting high-end customers who will pay top dollar to stand out from the crowd, while others are appealing to a sense of patriotic pride.

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