Robert Shiller: Janet Yellen Will Be A ‘Terrific’ Fed Chairman

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Robert Shiller: Janet Yellen Will Be A 'Terrific' Fed Chairman

Robert Shiller, Case-Shiller Home Price Index co-founder, discusses Janet Yellen’s skills and explains why he “admires” Yellen and thinks she’d make a “terrific” Fed chairman.


box, the federal reserve keeping its foot on the easy money gas pedal and the taper off the table for the moment. the search for bernanke’s successor goes on. and here to talk about it is robert shiller at yale university and co-founder of the case shiller home price index. i take it you are a yellen man. why? i first should disclose that i’ve written a book with her husband. i called george and end up talking to yellen, happens all the tile. so i feel close to her. but beyond that, i admire her. i think that she has just the right constellation of skills that would make her terrific in that role. i’m sorry, i’ve got two questions. skills and then policy issues. we’ve been talking about around the table how there’s a feeling, at least, this table at the moment that things are too dovish and she may be the ultimate dove in all this. i don’t think that she is a dove. i think that she may differ one way one time another way another. what strikes me about her is she’s a people oriented person. she cares. she’s not doing this job for the glory. i really don’t think so. and i think that she has a sense of patriotic mission here. so, you know, both unemployment and inflation hurt people, okay. and i think she cares about both of them. let me ask you a question, larry summers got killed for the idea he was somehow responsible for deregulation or the removal, she was, as well. and i wonder if you think that’s going to make her confirmation challenged at all. well, not many people figured

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