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As we hit the Summer season what could be more exciting and relaxing than hitting the open road to take in the beautiful sights and see hidden treasures that every country has to offer on a nice road Trip?

More and more people are jumping on the trend of hitting the road on a road trip to remember, but there are several questions like, where should you go? Should you hire a car? Is petrol affordable and which countries are the most affordable?

Thanks to our friends over at Insurance 4 Car Hire we now have the answers you have been looking for, which can help guide you on your way. Their data visualization graphic below highlights the costs associated with road tripping, which takes an in-depth look at gas and car hire per day, in many countries around the world; Saudi Arabia is the cheapest and Norway being the most expensive.

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For those who have saved wisely and have a little budget to spare, road tripping may be the adventure you have been waiting to embark on. If you are looking for that little bit of affordable inspiration, just look at the destinations listed on the chart.

With many of the destinations listed, there are lasting memories to be made. Not only is Saudi Arabia the most affordable on the road but you will get to see the amazing wildlife in every surrounding, from camels to the elusive Arabian Red Fox.

If you consider visiting the UK, your road trip would be memorable if you drive by Dunrobin Castle, the Scottish mountains and Alchmelvich white sanded beach? Or, maybe you would like to consider a road trip to the Cali state in the US of A, where you can see the surfing culture, valleys, vineyards and watch for Redwood Trees. And, why not drive by Mexico, sample the local delicacies of mole sauce and quesillo cheese and visit the ancient Mayan City, which is now one of the new seven wonders of the world.

Now, if you fancy venturing further afield in the world, there is always the South African garden route to consider. Also, the Australian Great Ocean Road, which highlights beaches, rainforests and the Twelve Apostles but due to erosion over time only eight Apostles remain, so now is the time to adventure there before more erosion takes places.

There are many beautiful sites to see around the world, and road tripping can be the first step forward towards fulfilling your affordable travel goal.

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Road Tripping Around The World Road Trip

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