Ride Sharing Accident Guide – INFOGRAPHIC

Ride Sharing Accident Guide – INFOGRAPHIC

Who pays if you’re in a ride sharing accident? Whether you are a passenger or a driver, the answer isn’t always clear. As these services become more popular and more widely used, there understandable more accidents, and along with that come more lawsuits. There are legal gray areas associated with these services, particularly in the time between when the driver becomes available and when they pick up a fare. If you are in an accident with a driver who is in this time period and it is their fault, you may find they aren’t covered by either of their insurance options.

Many states and municipalities require additional insurance coverage for ride sharing and ride hailing drivers in order to avoid these kinds of issues from coming up. Some cities, like New York City, require drivers to carry commercial insurance and be licensed like Taxis. Others require additional liability coverage during periods two and three only so that passengers are covered without a doubt. But in many places the legal issues still aren’t known, and drivers and passengers engage at their own risk.

Most people assume that if they are in a ride sharing accident they will be covered by regular insurance, but many insurance companies are refusing to pay on the grounds that the accident occurred during commerce and should be covered by commercial insurance. What is probably more common is that many people just don’t think about the ramifications of using a ride sharing service until it is too late.

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If you are in a ride sharing accident, it’s important to take down as much information as you can about all drivers involved, their private insurance companies and policy numbers, and the ride sharing service they work for. Seek medical attention for any injuries, make sure there is a police report about the accident, and keep track of any bills or expenses you incur as a result. Then you have the long and often difficult road ahead of getting reimbursed by the insurance company for your injuries and lost work. There’s a good chance you will end up needing a lawyer for this step in the process.
Learn more about the legal grey areas of ride sharing accidents. Chances are you’ve never even thought about the risks, so it’s important to make sure you are informed before you ever step foot in a ride sharing vehicle for the first time.

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