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The Year 2019 has brought some unseen, revolutionary changes in every field. It’s important to keep yourself updated with the latest office trends to understand and adapt as per the visionary changes in technology. Experts see numerous possibilities for some major changes in printing technology. For choosing the printer with a well-equipped latest technology you can refer to Blue Dog Ink.

The latest technology has given us some visionary plans soon to be turned reality. It also brings our attention to threats we have been observing in the printing technology and some preventive measures necessary to maintain confidentiality. Artificial Intelligence and 3-D printing is the achievement of the year. Keeping this in mind we placed our attention towards the printing technology offering some numerous arising opportunities. Some major printing trends for the upcoming years include: –

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  1. 3-D Printing: The industry is being ruled by 3-D printing technology and it is also emerging as a popular trend within the market. As the name suggests, we can use this 3-D printing for a three-dimensional presentation. This plays an important role in various industries. By replacing the efforts required while working in 2-D printing by a more simplified 3-D printing we have reduced the work considerably and effectively with this new printing trend. In all the industries we can see the effectiveness of 3-D printing be it the medical industries or any manufacturing unit.
  2. Embracing the IOT (Internet of Things): With the advancement of technology, IOT-type security and printers are observed to be vulnerable. While dealing with a variety of printers it becomes challenging to maintain the security. In spite of the General Data Protection Act, some organization lacks the knowledge of security risk due to MPS’s. The sensitive information can be leaked out to the cyber attackers who can use them as network access points. It becomes essential not to overlook the printers as a potential threat to information leakage. The MPS providers use patch manager like a cloud to manage the printers and keep the data secure. The vendors are supposed to fix the point of vulnerability as soon as observed so that data can be kept safe.
  3. Changes in the printing technology: To ensure that all the latest demands are met by the vendors, the evolution of inkjet printers is in constant process. These are likely to dominate the new industry of printing for upcoming decades until their replacement arrives. These printers are very effective in providing commercial prints, packaging within a short period and label market services. It makes them stand out as an irreplaceable option at the moment.
  4. Changes in the designs: With the upcoming decades' consumers are way past of looking at a printer with basic functions. Now they prefer the smart and sleek design with pro efficiency. They search for a simple, classy and compact look that is easy to use without any unnecessary complex feature, and easily adjustable in the limited space.
  5. Seek IT expertise: Manufacturers and Traders can head towards the IT experts to use their expertise and their involvement with the digital disruption. IT service providers are more likely to increase their involvement with the business in the coming years than any other field. Their increased involvement can provide printing security to the organization.
  6. Cost-effective printing: The cost-effectiveness is a major requirement by a printer user. Printers have become an integral part of everyone’s life going past official usage to household requirements and cost-effectiveness is a stressed issue among the manufacturers and users as well.

Technology is going to expand and evolve in the upcoming years. Cost-effectiveness and high ends prints are majorly valued within the printing world. You are likely to observe many changes in printing technology as it is likely to evolve in the coming decades.

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