Returns to the Enterprising Investor Shadow Stock Portfolio

Returns to the Enterprising Investor Shadow Stock Portfolio

This week, we highlight the returns to the Enterprising Investor Shadow Stock Portfolio.

Shadow Stock Portfolios

As discussed here, The Stock Market Blueprint is building and tracking a shadow stock portfolio for each Premium stock screen featured on the site.

The purpose of the shadow stock portfolios is to show investors how systematic investment strategies can be implemented using the stock screens featured on

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Additionally, the shadow stock portfolios are establishing track records for the strategies being implemented. These records provide actual investment results in real-time.

Enterprising Investor Description

Chapter 15 of The Intelligent Investor is titled “Stock Selection for the Enterprising Investor.” In this chapter Benjamin Graham lays out six criteria which are “rather similar to those we suggested for the defensive investor, but not so severe.”

The first criteria is concerned with the stock’s price relative to recent earnings, and the next four are concerned with the company’s “past performance and current financial position.” The last requirement values the stock based on the company’s net tangible assets.

According to Graham, an enterprising investor buys from a list of common stocks “that can be identified as undervalued by logical and reasonably dependable standards.”

See a more detailed explanation of the screen here.

Returns to the Enterprising Investor

Since beginning the shadow stock portfolios on June 1, 2016, the Enterprising Investor portfolio owns two stocks and is 20% invested.

The return on the invested capital is nearly 8%. The total return on the portfolio when including cash is 1.58%.

Returns to the Enterprising Investor Shadow Stock Portfolio

Returns to the Enterprising Investor Shadow Stock Portfolio

Here’s a breakdown of what the portfolio owns and how it’s performing:

Stock 1:

  • Company Name: Haverty Furniture Companies
  • Ticker Symbol: HVT
  • Shares Purchased: 53
  • Buy Price: $18.58
  • Buy Date: 6/1/16 (closing price)
  • Current Price: $18.84 (closing price on 7/13/16)
  • Reinvested Dividends: None
  • Total Investment: $984.74
  • Current Worth: $998.52
  • Return: 1.40%

Stock 2:

  • Company Name: Celadon Group, Inc.
  • Ticker Symbol: CGI
  • Shares Purchased: 130
  • Buy Price: $7.67
  • Buy Date: 7/7/16 (closing price)
  • Current Price: $8.78 (closing price on 7/13/16)
  • Reinvested Dividends: None
  • Total Investment: $997.10
  • Current Worth: $1,141.40
  • Return: 14.47%


  • Investable Cash: $8,018.16
  • Invested Amount: $2,139.92
  • Starting Balance: $10,000.00
  • Current Balance: $10,158.08
  • Total Return: 1.58%

Strategy Rules

Check out the Shadow Stock Portfolios blog post to review the strict “buy” and “sell” rules followed by this strategy.

Build Your Own Portfolio

By investing blindly based on what the screens tell you to, rule-based investment strategies eliminate human emotions from the decision-making process.

Follow along every week to see the performance of a different featured Shadow Stock Portfolio. Each strategy is highlighted every eight weeks.

The shadow stock portfolios invest only in the qualifying stocks on the screens available withPremium membership. Basic membership screens display a limited number of stocks with specific market cap criteria.

You can implement these strategies yourself by upgrading to Premium. Start your risk-free 14 day trial now and access the Premium stock screens.

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