Camera Lag Issue Still Troubling Redmi Note 7 Pro Users

Camera Lag Issue Still Troubling Redmi Note 7 Pro Users
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Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 7 Pro is a great device, but it is not without issues. Users have already raised quite a few issues with the device, including network issues, battery drain and more. Now, users are reporting a camera lag issue with the Redmi Note 7 Pro as well.

Camera lag issue with Redmi Note 7 Pro

Several users are complaining about camera lag and dropped frame rate while recording videos. The issue is specific to the rear camera and triggers while recording videos, according to tech site PiunikaWeb.

“Camera of redmi note 7 pro is horrible. It’s extremely laggy. After 1 minute of camera use it start [sic] to lag heavily,” one user said.

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“After the latest update i.e MIUI 10.3.9, my device has started to lag.  Also the camera is not working properly.  It is also lagging. I have to restart my phone at least thrice a day,” one user tweeted.

A few also claim that along with the camera, the phone itself lags while switching camera modes. Some say that they get an error message saying that the camera can’t be connected.

Based on the user complaints, it seems the camera lag issue with the Redmi Note 7 Pro triggered after the latest MIUI patch. However, an earlier report from PiunikaWeb noted that the issue came up after the MIUI update as well.

Since the MIUI update was a limited rollout, not many users experienced the bug. Now, after the MIUI patch, more users are facing the same issue. However, there is no denying that the issue has been in existence for months.

One YouTuber, who is also facing the camera lag issue, provided proof of the issue via a video shot using the Redmi Note 7 Pro’s rear camera. Further, the YouTuber noted that they have been complaining about the issue for months now.

Also, the YouTuber said that they even came up with a petition in order to let the company know about the number of users facing the said issue. In just a week, the petition has gained the support of thousands of Redmi Note 7 Pro users.

The petition addressed to Xiaomi’s Manu Kumar Jain is titled “Fix Redmi Note 7 Pro Camera Lag Frame Drops in Video Recording.” As per the petition, there is “Continuous Frame Drops which makes Videos Stuttery as well as Frame Drops makes it unbearable.”

Further, the petition says that the frame drops are also visible in slow motion, and that the phone gets too hot while recording. The petition asks Xiaomi to at least inform affected users if the company is actually going to fix the issue or not.

We hope that the petition catches Xiaomi’s attention, and it comes up with a fix for this long standing problem soon.

Battery drain issue still not fixed

Another issue that Redmi Note 7 users have raised recently is related to battery drain. Users say that they are experiencing the issue after the MIUI 10.3.5 update. It is normal for a new update to take a few days to settle on a device, but the MIUI 10.3.5 update was rolled out more than a month ago.

In this case, Xiaomi is aware of the issue, and even tried to fix it with an update, but users continue to report the problem. The support team has now assured affected users that the issue has been communicated to the concerned team and will be resolved soon.

If you are also facing the battery drain issue with a Redmi Note 7 phone, it is recommended that you raise the issue with the company and wait for the update.

Apart from triggering the battery drain issue with the Redmi Note 7 Pro, the update 10.3.5 came with many bug fixes. The update fixed an issue that users faced when switching between spaces with the text size changing problem. Also, the update fixed the issue with the camera, which automatically closed when the app was opened again in the Video mode.

Other issues that have been fixed is the call-time bubble overlap issue with notification icons, message bubbles alignment issue and the bug that caused ending calls to take longer than expected. Also, the low battery warning wasn’t appearing in the landscape mode, which has now been fixed.

The Redmi Note 7 Pro launched in India in March, while in China it debuted a week later.

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