How To Reboot iPhone X: The Innovation Behind Apple’s Flagship Smartphone

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Apple unveiled the iPhone X, and everyone is surprised by the set of changes on the new flagship phone. In order to introduce the wonderful bezel-less display, Apple had to get rid of one of the iPhone’s fundamental features: the Home button. This change has led some to ask, “How to reboot iPhone X?”

There’s no need to worry. Apple made sure that if you need to reboot your phone, you could still do it without any problems. This compelling guide will show you how.

  1. Force reboot iPhone X

Every once in a while, the hardware might overheat start to freeze or lock up. If there is no other solution, you will have to force reboot iPhone X, but how do you do it without the Home button?

The iPhone X has volume buttons located on the left side and one button on the right side. Hold the volume-down button and the button on the right side until the Apple logo shows. From there, it’s easy to complete the force reboot iPhone X.

  1. How to reboot iPhone X without using the volume-down and power button

Although at times, using force to reboot your phone may be required, most of the time, it is not necessary. You can reboot your iPhone X by navigating through the settings. Here are the steps that follow:

  1. Find the settings on your iPhone menu and navigate to the general options.
Reboot iPhone X
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  1. Tap on “accessibility,” which is located at the top of the menu.
  2. Find “AssistiveTouch,” which at first is switched off, and then switch it on.
Reboot iPhone X
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  1. The AssistiveTouch application will now appear on your iPhone’s menu with the other apps. Tap it to continue.
Reboot iPhone X
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  1. A sub-menu will open, presenting you some widgets and profiles, such as Mute, Notifications, and more. Click “Device” and then “more.”
  2. Among the other options, such as Shake, Screenshot, SOS, and more, there is a Restart button. Tap it, and you will reboot iPhone X.


The death of the Home button didn’t imply these vast changes to many people’s favorite smartphone. However, we must all agree that it was an irresistible emblem of every prior iPhone model. These rebooting methods are not necessarily difficult, although it will take some time to adjust to the change.

What do you think about this change to the upcoming iPhone X? Does the rebooting process for the iPhone X seem difficult to you? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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