Rare Pokemon Are Now Not So Rare For Pokemon Go Players

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Pokemon Go players are seeing rare Pokemon more frequently now, but some users on Reddit are still dubious. Buddy Pokemon was the main highlight of Pokemon Go’s most recent update, but many players have reportedly suggested that the spawn rates of rare Pokemon have risen significantly as well.

Pokemon Go players seeing more rare Pokemon

Reddit has been filled with fan updates in respect to the changes done to Pokemon Go.

“Picture of nearby Pokemon shows Pinsir, Tauros, Venasaur, Onix, Weedle]: none of these Pokémon (except for Weedle, of course) spawned with any degree of frequency nearby. All of the sudden, spawn rates have skyrocketed nearby – the best I’ve ever seen is a single Ivysaur that didn’t even spawn at a nest, but now there are always Tauroses and Pinsirs, as well as the occasional very rare ‘mon, as pictured,” stated Reddit user Silph Road.

Another user said that since Thursday, they had seen around six Arcanines. One more user said that they are beginning to see Cubone and Kabto spawn at a nest close to their house. In addition, there was a user who on Friday saw a Parasect, multiple Gravelers, a Charizard, an Onix, a Magmar, two Tauros, a Pinsir, and the silhouette of a Lickitung throughout the day.

Is this change permanent?

One Redditor named meme-com-poop said they have noticed an increase in rare spawns for the last three weeks, Thursdays through Sundays. This Thursday timeline has been noted by others too, with many attributing their luck in seeing rare Pokemon starting that day of the week.

There are some users who believe this might just have been a weekend-long event, but there are others who think that Niantic might just be bumping up the spawn rate of rare Pokemon to keep users interested in the popular mobile game, notes BGR. It is certain that many users have found rare creatures in their areas for the first time this weekend despite the lack of any official word from the developers. We can, however, hope this is a permanent change to the game.

Now, since rare Pokemon have started to appear, the next awaited update is an in-game event system. Such events, which are common to Ingress, bring people to the same location to hunt rare Pokemon. Recently, Niantic Labs CEO John Hanke talked about this on Re/code’s Decode podcast. So it can be guessed that the feature is definitely in the works, but when it will be rolled out remains unknown.

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