PS4 5.0 Update Notes Leak, Full Details Revealed

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Sony is already known to be working on system level updates for the PlayStation 4 Pro, but now the rumor mill is abuzz that the PS4 5.0 update will make it easier to stream high-quality content via Twitch. Although the Japanese firm has not announced anything officially, Eurogamer got hold of a copy of the 5.0 update change-log.

What to expect from the PS4 5.0 update

In addition to streaming, the draft mentions various other changes, such as tweaking of the console’master/ sub account system and the ability to follow any user. Users will also be able to view system notifications and download/upload statuses from the Quick menu. There will be push notifications for events, spectator comments flashed on the screen when using VR mode, and support for seven more languages, including Vietnamese, Romanian, Czech, Thai and Greek.

The PS4 5.0 update also adds behind-the-scenes support for bundle and compilation discs. Although the bundle and compilation disc feature is not yet clear, it could be something related to fixing save file compatibility issues between regular games and Game of the Year versions, notes PSLS.

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Further, for users with a sub-user or children’s accounts on their PS4 Pro, the new update will give additional control. The update brings additional parental control on a per account basis. Thus, every child’s account will have different communications, spending privileges and content viewing.

Sony will also ring in a few changes for developers, according to the draft obtained by Eurogamer. Developers will be able to boost the viral potential of the UGC. With the update, every time a user shares any video, those who are following will be able to see and share it.

As of now, users can select only a few accounts to follow, including those of developers and YouTube personalities. However, with the update, users will be able to follow anyone. This change is “to encourage more sharing of content and more interactions,” the note says, according to Eurogamer. Sony is also adding a block user feature.

What does the update lack?

The draft obtained by Eurogamer, however, does not mention anything about the updates that a lot of gamers were expecting from the PS4 5.0 update. For years, fans have wanted to play classic titles released on the first OS. Currently, those titles can be played only on the PlayStation Vita or through remasters like Square Enix’s Final Fantasy VII. There is no mention of any of these titles coming as an update.

Further, fans are waiting for an update that lets them change their PSN IDs. For most fans, it is the most basic feature, but there is no mention of it in the draft that Eurogamer got, notes Comicbook.

Nevertheless, the updates mentioned in the draft are decent, but not extraordinary. With these updates, Sony is expecting to match the Xbox One’s features to improve the overall experience. However, since this is not the official announcement, Sony can very well surprise fans with a couple more features later.

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