100,000 People In Puerto Rico Receive Internet With Project Loon

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In the wake of Hurricane Maria, thousands of people’s everyday lives have been affected. Though safety is the number one priority regarding those affected, people need to get on with their everyday lives as soon as possible. To help them return to normality, Alphabet has used Project Loon to deliver internet by balloon to victims.

This selfless initiative has already helped thousands, and Project Loon has an ultimate goal to supply basic internet to over 100,000 people in Puerto Rico. This will enable civilians to keep up-to-date with the latest events in the world, and contact friends and family.

Selfless Initiative?

Despite being labeled as a selfless initiative, the positive press Alphabet has received has worked wonders for their reputation, so perhaps they have an ulterior motive. Nonetheless, Project Loon is a one-of-a-kind, revolutionary venture, regardless of their motive. The disaster has allowed Alphabet to showcase their technology to the world, and sample it on a massive scale. This doesn’t mean to say Project Loon has been a total success, as outlined below.

Some Technical Issues

Project Loon has faced issues, since the Puerto Rican infrastructure has been affected so badly by the hurricane. Alphabet has however worked with AT&T and T-Mobile, and are together getting communication and internet activities to people with LTE handsets. This will be highly useful for sending messages and accessing information online, vital in the grand scheme of things.

Project Loon Launches in Puerto Rico

Balloons were launched from Nevada, using advanced algorithms to direct them to the intended targets. The balloons themselves work from ground networks surrounding users in unconnected areas.


Project Loon’s recent efforts suggest progress. They have never generated internet from scratch so rapidly before, suggesting great potential for this technology going forward. Balloons will improve with time as they progress with the correct air currents. It’s important to acknowledge the collaborative effort involved. Project Loon was helped by mobile carriers, the Pan-American and Puerto Rican aviation authorities, and local communication companies.


Project Loon was a success, and proves that in times of chaos and unrest, help is available. Alphabet has exceeded themselves, as have other parties involved. The help has been critical in the emergency situation, and Alphabet hopes the connectivity provided has been helpful.

I hope you have found this article useful, and appreciate us bringing Project Loon, and its latest efforts to your attention. Thanks for your time, and if you’d like to become part of the conversation or have any questions, please comment below.

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