Privately Chat with Your Instagram Friends by Using InstaTalks

Privately Chat with Your Instagram Friends by Using InstaTalks
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Instagram is an amazing photo sharing app for iOS and Android. The app has become a type of community, in which one can share beautiful pictures. Users can apply filters to photos, likes, comments, share those photos on social networking sites, and do much more with this app. But have you ever wanted to privately chat with other Instagram users? That’s possible with the help of an app known as InstaTalks.

Chat on Instagram with InstaTalks

Privately Chat with Your Instagram Friends by Using InstaTalks

This app needs to be installed by both the parties who want to chat with each other. After installing InstaTalks, sign-in to your Instagram account. Tap the people icon from the bottom menu to see the complete list of your Instagram friends and followers. From here, you can tap on a contact name to send a text message or a picture.

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If you want to add a contact as favorite, all you have to do is tap the star icon. The button next to the star lets you view thumbnails of the photos of that Instagram user.

There are a few other features available on this app.

Tap the thumbs-up button to see a grid of tiles of some of the more popular Instagram users. You should definitely check out some extremely beautiful photos captured by these popular people on Instagram.
Privately Chat with Your Instagram Friends by Using InstaTalks

According to the developers, this app comes with innovative search system. This allows you to find other InstaTalks users living near you. To use this feature, tap on the magnifying button, as shown in the above picture.

InstaTalks is the easiest way to exchange private messages with other Instagram users. What’s more, you can also share photos privately with them. Therefore, privacy is not a large concern for users. To get InstaTalks and check out all the features mentioned in this article, visit the App store.


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