Priv Has A Feature That Is New To BlackBerry Ltd

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The BlackBerry Priv not only has done reasonably well but at the same time boasts of some great features that have not been available on BB OS devices before. One such feature is the ability to add different users, says a report from Berry Reporter.

First time on a BlackBerry device

The feature is not new for people who have used recent Android devices, but it is definitely new for users who made the switch from a BB 10 or BB OS device. This feature is really great in itself as it makes it possible for users to keep their files safe from anyone else who uses their device.

It is not uncommon for people to give their device to someone they know for a small time period, but it does come with some risks. Many parents share their device with kids who play games or watch videos on it or with friends who need to check some important emails on their device.

At such a time, the first thought that comes to any device owner’s mind is the safety of his/her personal or important items on the device. Now BlackBerry Priv users won’t have to worry about this as the “Add User” option comes to their rescue.

Privacy in focus

When someone adds a user to their device, the feature allows that person to create pretty much their own profile of the phone. They are only able to access the files that are saved on the SD card but not text messages or photos, the report says.

BlackBerry Priv owners are required to login or create a Google Account for the other person to be able to make use of the feature. The new user can then use that Google account to download their own apps and access their Gmail accounts if they need to do so.

Once the device owner goes through the setup, the new user gets a brand new out-of-the box look on the device. It allows the new user/s to have wallpapers of their choice, set up the home screen in a different manner and lots more. This feature can also be used to create two versions of the device – one for home and another for work. The user will need to set up two different Google accounts if he or she does not have them already.

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