Prime Meridians – Myanmar, Mongolia And New Deals

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This week in Pierce Points:

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Coal opponents scored a big win. U.S. courts ruled that approvals for new projects must consider climate change impacts.

Zimbabwe’s top platinum mine teetered. The Mimosa mine’s operator Zimplats says it may close due to new export taxes.

The Haynesville shale got a revival. Drilling and production are ramping up to meet export demand for LNG, and to Mexico.

Suitors lined up for Peru’s next mega-project. Buenaventura and Grupo Mexico may bid for the $2 billion Michiquillay deposit.

Japan looked for more international oil. A national goal to self-source imports means more project investment coming.

Myanmar, Mongolia and New Deals

The second-last item above was particularly interesting for me this week. Because I’ve just been putting the finishing touches on a major gold project investment.

That’s had me thinking from a perspective like the Peruvian government. Namely, how to attract the best offer on a quality asset.

Talking with investors over the last several weeks has generated a lot of thoughts on how to get the best deal. Hopefully one that works for all parties — things are best when everyone wins.

I’ll be putting together some instructive lessons from the experience for you soon. But first, I’m off on another trip — this time through Myanmar to review an exciting regional survey for copper prospects, and then to Mongolia.

Internet is going to be dubious next week and likely non-existent the week after — so dispatches may be light. In the meantime, all the best, wherever you are in the world.

Here’s to leaving on a jet plane,

Dave Forest

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