Pakistani President Alvi’s Kashmir Tweets Trigger Warning From Twitter

Pakistani President Alvi’s Kashmir Tweets Trigger Warning From Twitter
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Twitter has been suspending the accounts of Pakistanis who tweet in support of Kashmir following India’s revocation of the region’s special status. Now the micro-blogging platform has Pakistani President Arif Alvi in its crosshairs. The company sent a warning about Pakistani President Alvi’s Kashmir tweets.

Positive Communications CEO Omar R. Quraishi tweeted an image of the letter referring to Pakistani President Alvi’s Kashmir tweets:

The News and Geo News report today that Twitter has finally dismissed the request to block Alvi’s account. The Pakistani president has been quite vocal on what’s been happening in India-controlled Kashmir, and several Twitter users apparently lodged complaints against him and sought suspension of his account.

After sending a letter to Alvi about his Kashmir tweets, Twitter conducted an investigation into his posts. The micro-blogging platform later said it didn’t find any objectionable content in his tweets.

One of Pakistani President Alvi’s Kashmir tweets over the weekend included a video of a protest in the region.

Alvi isn’t the only Pakistani official who received a warning from the micro-blogging platform in relation to his tweets about Kashmir. Communication Minister Murad Saeed said on Sunday that he also received a notice from Twitter alleging that one of his tweets went against Indian law.

Although Twitter denied the request to ban Alvi’s account, other Pakistanis haven’t been so lucky. Media reports indicate that some 200 accounts have been suspended after tweeting about the situation in Kashmir. Islamabad has taken up the issue with Twitter and said if the company did not restore the accounts by Friday, then it would file a lawsuit. There’s no word on whether the South Asian nation is preparing to follow through with that threat.

According to India Today, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan spoke about the Kashmir issue again on Monday. He again reminded listeners that both Pakistan and India have nuclear weapons, adding that “no one is a winner in a nuclear war” and that it will have “global ramifications. He told The New York Times earlier that he would no longer be seeking bilateral negotiations with India due to repeated rebuffs of his attempts.

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