Ponzi Supernova, an Original Series Shedding New Light on Bernie Madoff and the Biggest Ponzi Scheme in History

Ponzi Supernova, an Original Series Shedding New Light on Bernie Madoff and the Biggest Ponzi Scheme in History

This looks interesting just got this press release see below for details

Bernie Madoff Speaks. Was his $65 billion fraud a freak occurrence, or destined to be repeated? An exclusive audio investigation into the dark interior of our financial systems.

Audible presents ‘Ponzi Supernova,’ a six-part, original series hosted by Steve Fishman. Listen on Audible Channels in the app.

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Six-Part Original Audio Documentary Features Dozens of Fascinating New Interviews and Recordings of Bernie Madoff from Jail

Audible Releases Ponzi Supernova, an Original Series Shedding New Light on Bernie Madoff and the Biggest Ponzi Scheme in History

Audible Inc., the world’s largest seller and producer of downloadable audiobooks and other spoken word entertainment, today announced the release of Ponzi Supernova, an original series that offers fresh insight into Bernie Madoff’s $65 billion Ponzi Scheme—directly from Madoff himself. Hosted by distinguished journalist Steve Fishman, the series features never-before-heard recordings of Madoff as well as dozens of new interviews with FBI and SEC agents, attorneys, traders, financial investors, and victims of Madoff’s devastating Ponzi scheme. The first four episodes of this six-part series are now available within the Audible Channels experience. Additional information can be found at audible.com/Ponzi.

For years, Fishman’s tough-minded and persistent reporting on Madoff has been instrumental in exposing the magnitude of the Ponzi scheme, and the story of the larger, frequently overlooked financial system that enabled Madoff to manipulate and dupe tens of thousands of victims including his closest friends. In Ponzi Supernova, Fishman takes his investigative reporting to new heights, providing captivating depth and detail in chronicling a crime that continues to shock anew.

The final two episodes of the series, which will release at the end of January, take listeners beyond the scheme’s operation and collapse, detailing clawback efforts, and investigating how victims are receiving remuneration, sometimes from other victims. Ponzi Supernova puts the still-evolving nightmare into a larger, current context, and demonstrates how the scheme’s far-flung impact continues to reverberate so many years later.

“Even before Ponzi Supernova, I’d spent years working on the Madoff story, and I thought I knew it well, but I didn’t,” said Fishman. “The story we tell in Ponzi Supernova surprised me in its details, its sweep, and its import. I got to (journalistically) hang out with Madoff in the prison yard where he cornered the market in hot chocolate and listen to him for a dozen hours as he revealed in intimate detail how he got away with his crimes. And for this series, I finally examined a question that had always bugged me: why did Madoff succeed for so long? I studied the forces that sustained him and profited from him, and that part of the story was the scariest of all.”

“We are thrilled to have Ponzi Supernova join the innovative, original programming available in Audible Channels,” said Audible Chief Content Officer Andy Gaies. “This rich audio documentary will fascinate listeners, who continue to look to Audible for fresh and unique content and builds on our ever-growing roster of original shows and series across genres.”

Introduced earlier this year, Audible Channels features a consistently refreshed, thoughtfully organized selection of original programs, lectures, and audio editions of standout articles and news from The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Harvard Business Review, Foreign Affair, Charlie Rose, The Onion, and other leading periodicals. Audible Channels also showcases 20 hand-selected Audible Playlists, from essential stories of the day, meditation and commute-sized comedy to compilations on science, history, technology, and more. Audible Channels is free with an Audible membership and to Amazon Prime members, and also available to purchase as a standalone offering for $4.95 a month.

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