This Pokemon Go Tracker Lets You Find And Track Nearby Pokemon

This Pokemon Go Tracker Lets You Find And Track Nearby Pokemon
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Niantic has been aggressively shutting down all the third-party tracking apps that helped Pokemon Go players find nearby critters. PokeVision has been closed. Fortunately, new tracking apps keep cropping up every day to help you with your search. But Niantic could sooner or later block many of these apps. How about a widget that helps you pinpoint the Pokemon while staying in the good books of Niantic?

Access the widget while still playing Pokemon Go

Go Tracker is a widget that is available for download from the App Store. It allows you to place up to three circles down on a map to triangulate where a Pokemon is. Since Go Tracker is a widget rather than an app, you can easily access it while playing Pokemon Go simply by pulling the Notification Center. You just have to swipe down the Notification Center and switch to the Today tab.

Pokemon Go Go Tracker
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Now you’ll see a static map centered at your current location. “You can place circles at the border of your target’s radius to narrow down its actual location. The area where the circles overlap will contain your target,” reads the app’s description. A good thing about Go Tracker is that it doesn’t use any of Niantic’s APIs. The widget requests mapping data from Google Maps based on your location. It doesn’t need any actual game data.

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You may also try FastPokeMap

There is another tracking app called FastPokeMap that features a scanner and a map to pinpoint the location and duration of a Pokemon. It’s a free tool, but the developers seek donations. FastPokeMap isn’t very effective as its scan radius is much smaller than Pokevision, which was blocked by Niantic recently. Another issue facing FastPokeMap is frequent outages and server reboots.

The filter in FastPokeMap allows users to weed out all the zubat and pidgey. Other apps include SkipLagged and Go Radar. Unfortunately, you don’t know how long it will be before the Pokemon Go developer shuts them down.


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