Pokemon GO Plus Is Not As Useless As Was Thought Before

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Last week Nintendo shared more information about the Pokemon Go Plus device, a companion wearable launched recently in Australia. The details included a disclaimer that if the app was open in the background, the wearable would not be able to track steps; people were actually expecting this one feature, says Kotaku.

Nintendo corrects statement but adds to confusion

Nintendo, however, corrected the statement, saying that the device will, in fact, count the number of steps, thus making the Pokemon GO Plus less useless, the report says.

Users are very confused about the statement. The original announcement said the wearable would not track steps when the application was open in the background, and many users interpreted that as meaning that “the device would not work at all unless the app was fully open.”

A few days ago, the correction was applied, but it seems to have added little excitement. The correction, which was made on September 14, says, “Even while Pokémon GO is operating in the background, distance walked is applied towards hatching eggs and Candy earned for Buddy Pokémon.”

This announcement may have discouraged some people from buying the Pokemon GO Plus, with many still unsure whether the correction is really true.

Earlier, demand for the device was high enough that EB Games sold out of preorders, but now it seems to be selling less than expected on the official Nintendo eBay store. There is no information on the allocation of stock given to EB, but it is known that around 868 of the overall 3,500 on eBay have been sold to date, the report notes.

Pokemon Go becomes funner now

With the clarification, the gaming firm has surely taken away the most irritating thing about the mobile game Pokemon Go to date, which is that one needs to have the application open on their smartphone to make any progress in the game.

Presently, if a player tabs away from the game to check social media or answer an email even for a little while, they are not adding the walking distance they need to hatch and power up their Pokemon. The gaming giant released the $35 Pokemon Go Plus accessory on Friday.

Nevertheless, given the confusion that Kotaku is talking about, a big question is whether people will be interested in buying the Pokemon GO Plus now that the Japanese game maker has made it clear that the device can track steps.

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