How Pokemon Go Influenced The Stock Market & Economy

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Since its release Pokemon GO has dominated headlines across the globe with a variety of claims including:

  • Pokemon GO is actually a health hazard, study finds – which suggest that over 321 car accidents can be attributed to the game amongst other claims.
  • Pokemon hunters discovering dead bodies – Within a week of the game’s release, the BBC reported that a 19 year old girl playing Pokemon discovered a corpse in the Wyoming river whilst searching for water Pokemon. She isn’t the only one and other players have found bodies whilst playing Pokemon GO including three women in San Diego
  • Pokemon GO workout routines – In 2008 Nintendo hyped that the world would become fitter by playing Wii FIt, in the end it was just all hype but is Pokemon the real video game solution to fitness? With walking a requirement as part of the gameplay, Nick Johnson who was reported as the first to catch all 142 available Pokemon in the United States recounted that he would walk up to 8 hours a time in search of Pokemon.

But the Pokemon GO effect isn’t limited to just the hordes of nostalgic 90’s Pokemon fans, the augmented reality video game is now impacting real businesses.


Pokemon Go
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The Pokemon Infographic by BrokerNotes covers how Pickachu and friends have influenced the stock market and the economy. The infographic:

  • Shows the impact and reach of Pokemon GO a wide range of industries from finance, technology to fast food.
  • Shows how advertising in video games can impact a global fast food giant like McDonald’s.
  • Shows how super effective Pokemon GO was on the stock price of a billion dollar gaming company.

How Pokemon Go Influenced The Stock Market & Economy

Since its release, Pokemon Go has been breaking records in both the Apple and Android app stores. Apart from being one of the most popular mobile games ever, what impact has Pickachu and his pals had on businesses?

In this infographic we see how Pokemon Go influenced the stock market and economy.

How Pokemon Go Influenced The Stock Market & Economy

Infographic source: BrokerNotes


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