New PlayStation 5 Leak Reveals CPU And GPU Details

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Sony has kept the development of the PlayStation 5 under wraps, but there have been rumors and reports on the new console now and then. Now, the latest PlayStation 5 leak reveals the CPU and GPU details on the upcoming console.

New PlayStation 5 leak hints CPU and GPU details

The new PlayStation 5 leak comes from Forbes, which claims that the upcoming console would be powered by AMD’s Zen CPU architecture along with the company’s Navi tech for its GPU architecture. The report – citing unnamed industry sources – also claims that AMD has developed the Navi GPU exclusively for the PlayStation 5.

Reports of Sony collaborating with AMD for CPU and GPU requirements have been around before. Last month, Phoronix came across a LinkedIn profile for a Sony programmer, who mentioned about “improving Ryzen support.” The current PlayStation 4 model is integrated with AMD tech. Sony’s official website lists PS4 as having an x86-64 AMD Jaguar 8-core CPU and AMD Radeon-based graphics engine GPU.

The reports on the CPU and GPU, however, does lack more information on whether AMD is working on a custom system-on-chip for Sony with the Zen chip, or if the console maker would deploy separate parts. Further, there is no clarity on whether the GPU would be integrated or standalone.

PS5 release date

Sony has been quiet on the release date of the PS5. Analysts are also divided over the launch date with some predicting the new console to hit the market as soon as 2018, while others are siding with 2020 or 2021 as the release date. However, the majority are speculating the PS5 launch in 2020.

Michael Pachter, in a recent interview with GamingBolt, said that the PS5 would come with the backward compatibility feature for PS4 Pro. Talking of the release date, the analyst said that launching the console in 2020 makes more sense because by that time 4K TV would reach 50% of U.S. homes.

“I think Sony has probably got the next console cycle lined up already,” he says, “I think they already know what they’ve got to do.” When Sony releases the PS5 somewhere in 2020, the PS4 Pro would become the base model and sell at a lower price, the analyst said.

PS5 – expected features

Former Sony chief, Andrew House opened up about the next generation of the console during the recent GamesBeat conference. House said that the physical discs might be around longer than expected especially in the developing markets that do not have a very strong internet infrastructure supporting the downloadable content. As far as the developed markets are concerned, the streaming games would be a big part of the next-generation of consoles.

House also believes that the PS4 and PS4 Pro still have a lot of life left in them. If the backward compatibility of the PS5 holds true, then the PS4 range of consoles would stay and be in demand as well.

Other than the backward compatibility, the PlayStation 5 is also expected to be a full 4K HDR console with a strong processor to run 4K native gaming at 60fps without the need for checkerboard upscaling. The 4K Blu-ray player also seems to be an obvious feature and its absence would indeed come as a surprise.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is undoubtedly the top player in the 4K Blu-ray market. So it makes little sense if the parent company decides not to support its own discs in the company’s biggest selling entertainment device.

Further, the upcoming console is also expected to come with the larger hard drive, up to 2 TB or greater. A hard drive with a higher capacity would be a necessity as the resolution of the games increases in addition to their file sizes. There are games on the Xbox One X that weigh over 100 GB.

Another PlayStation 5 leak suggests that Sony is also developing new digital rights management (DRM) technology for the PS5. According to a new application to the U.S. Patent and Trademark office, the Japanese electronics giant is working on a new way to authenticate user data to let users access the games and other paid content.

While there have been several reports and rumors about the prospective PS5 feature, a new announcement caught everyone’s attention. The announcement said that Sony would stop offering PS3 or PSVita games in the PS Plus starting March 2019, and will instead focus on the PS4 titles. Obviously, the announcement sparked rumors that Sony might be phasing out the older titles to bring in the new one.

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