Some Google Pixel 2 XL Buyers Are Reporting One More Issue

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The troubles for Google and Pixel 2 XL buyers do not seem to be over yet. Even as Google recently rolled out an update to fix most of the previously reported issues, one more issue with the handset is starting to make its rounds. The issue is again related to the screen, but it is a hardware problem this time.

What’s the issue now?

Google launched the second-generation Pixel smartphones last month, and the devices soon impressed everyone. But, shortly, users started to complain about the number of issues with the devices including audio problems, Bluetooth issues, screen burn-ins and more. Though Google recently rolled out an update to address many of the issues, it appears the search giant may have to add one more to the list of unresolved issues.

Several Pixel 2 XL buyers are now complaining regarding the oleophobic coating wearing off. Though the coating usually comes off after years of intense use, some Pixel 2 XL buyers are witnessing the issue after just two weeks of use.

Nowadays, mostly all of the Android smartphones come with an oleophobic coating on the glass. The coating ensures that when you simply wipe the screen to get rid of fingerprint smudges or oil, the glass gets cleaned easily. If the coating wears off, the only solution is to get the screen replaced.

On Reddit and Google’s Product Forums, many users are complaining that the Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection on the Pixel 2 XL can be easily scratched. One of the users even noted that his handset was shipped with some “permanent smudges.”

“Last night, I noticed, after two weeks of use – treating this device as carefully as I do others, going as far as to only clean with a dry t-shirt, having it be the only thing in my pocket at any given time – that there was an incongruent mar over the proximity sensor circle. I thought it was a smudge, but when I tried wiping away, it didn’t go away,” said a user named Chris Pirillo, who noticed a smudge on his phone.

No end of troubles for Google and Pixel 2 XL buyers

Some of the complaints that have come up so far do sound genuine. In one case, Google even approved an RMA, according to 9to5Google. As of now, this does not appear to be a widespread issue, but given the attention that the Pixel 2 XL is already receiving, the latest issue is enough to put another dent in Google’s image as a hardware maker.

Meanwhile, another issue that has been reported recently by Pixel 2 XL buyers is slow charging. One Google+ user, Nathan K., conducted several tests to conclude that the reports of slow charging are real, and that Google and LG are purposely capping the charging speed. This is despite the fact that the handset comes with an 18W charger to leverage the phone’s fast charging technology.

“This suggests to me Google or LG is trying to avoid strain on the battery in order to maximize longevity,” he wrote. “Rather than opting for performance, they are being extremely conservative with the charging current and temperature.”

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