PIA Pilot Reports Seeing UFO Over Karachi, Pakistan

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A Pakistani pilot reported seeing a UFO over Karachi on Friday. The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) pilot was operating flight PK 536 out of Karachi to Sukkur at 5:24 p.m. when he reported seeing the UFO. The PIA pilot also said the UFO was flying about 150 feet above the plane. Not long after the report, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) alerted police, who began a ground search for the UFO in the Karachi area.

PIA pilot reports UFO over Karachi

A source from the CAA reportedly told ProPakistani that the pilot described the UFO to air traffic control as “dark brown or black” and looking “like a spaceship.” He reported seeing it about 4.7 nautical miles away flying at an altitude of 4,300 feet. After seeing the UFO over Karachi, the pilot adjusted his aircraft’s flight path and continued on to the scheduled destination in Sukkur.

Usually when someone mentions the term “UFO,” aliens or “little green men” come to mind, but that’s not what Pakistani authorities think. The CAA reported the incident to police and requested a ground search because officials thought the object could have been a drone operated from the ground. A police spokesperson said if the UFO over Karachi was a drone, the operator may have been in the Super Highway area. It’s unclear whether police actually found anything during their search, but it sounds like they did not.

Pakistani news outlets also noted that the UFO incident occurred in the same area where pilots reported seeing laser beams in a previous incident.

Was the UFO a weather balloon?

Pro Pakistani suggests that the UFO over Karachi may have actually been a weather balloon launched by the Pakistan Meteorology Department. The agency launches weather balloons about four times a day to capture weather data in the Karachi area. Met officials reportedly launched a weather balloon about 25 minutes before the PIA pilot reported seeing the UFO.

A spokesperson for the agency said their weather balloons can fly up to 10 miles in the air. He also discounted the idea that the UFO spotted above Karachi was a weather balloon because pilots are trained to recognize these types of balloons.

Previous reports of UFO sightings

This isn’t the first time someone has reported seeing a UFO over Karachi. In 2016, multiple people claimed to have seen a UFO in the Gulistan-e-Jahaur area of Karachi. Some even posted pictures above it on social media. Additionally, one theory about the cause of the deadly Bhoja Air Boeing 737 crash in 2012 suggested that it was caused by a UFO.

Pilots in other parts of the world have also reported UFO sightings. For example, in November 2018, multiple pilots in Ireland claimed to have seen a UFO.

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