Pet Tech: Using Tech To Give Pets A Better Life [INFOGRAPHIC]

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In 2017 alone, more than $70 million was spent on our pets, from vet visits to squeaky toys. Millennials are heading off the pet tech industry and as momentum builds, caring for our pets will never be the same again.

Among the 393 million pets in the United States, every pet owner likes to think their pet is the best. For centuries, humans have formed relationships with animals, bonding in companionship; after a while, we get to know our pets pretty well. Baby boomers and millennials alike are more willing to splurge on their pets than they are on themselves, busy pet parents in particular are turning to high tech options to keep their pets close even at a distance.

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The average American worker spends around eight hours every week day in the office. After work hours, we manage life’s other responsibilities, take care of chores, errands, and personal needs. Sometimes this can leave us with very little time to spend with our pets. For a lonely dog or a lazy cat, this emotional and physical distance can contribute to chronic lack of exercise, overeating, and even depression. The two-way cameras of the Furbo Dog Camera offer us a reliable, digital link to our pets at home allowing us to check in and say hello from virtually anywhere. When we can’t always make it home in time for dinner, the Petnet Smart Bowl steps in to make sure our dogs or cats are fed at the right time and with the right amount.

Necessity aside, pet tech doesn’t only help fill in gaps - fun pet gadgetry can also enhance our personal relationships, aid in communication, and support the overall well-being of our pets too. Appealing to both energetic dogs and couch potato pups, the GoDogGo Machine ball fetcher gives dogs much needed exercise, fresh air, and a never-ending supply of tennis balls in which to fetch. For cats who may not be as excited about an automatic fetch machine, the FroliCat Bolt automatic laser point may prove irresistible even to the most refined of felines.

In dogs, and especially older dogs, winding down from exercise is just as important as the exercise itself. After coming inside from an afternoon of playing fetch in the yard, greet your dog with a cooling bed, perfect for pets with arthritis, hip problems, and even sensitive skin. A water-based core helps pull the heat off your dog (or cat!) providing a cool, comfortable place to rest no matter where they are.

We do the most for our pets - treat them to something special. This infographic details the growth of pet tech, how these devices are helping us care for our animals, and what it could mean for the future of pet ownership.

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